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 How To Report Spam Website To Google And That's How To Make Search Result Better

There need been a great number grumblings over the last year and a half about the changes that Google has brought to google search engine optimization (SEO), but if you need ever felt yourself on the user end, trying to discover vital information that is relevant to your intent and purposes, then you realize how frustrating it can be to be bombarded by spam web pages. In addition to this, A little rather unscrupulous sites latch on to your computer with malicious software, or malware, simply from you visiting their sites. This is a cheap and tawdry way to do business, and it's something you never need in your life. The web is meant to be a source of fast and accurate information, and for that to happen, these spam sites must be reported immediately and prevented from having their time as a prominent feature on the google search engines. Therefore, you need to realize how to report spam web pages to Google, because that's the only way you will make search results better over the long term. To looking started, you must:

1) Make sure that it is spam.

You can generally tell at a glance whether or not the site is what it purports to be. If the meta description and headline cause you to click, but you see nothing that resembles those items once the page is fully displayed, then you are searching at a spam site. Likewise, spam sites also often need functionality problems that will trigger your virus definitions and hamper the operation and functionality of your computer. If you experience any of these things, then make sure that you mark the site for reporting immediately.

2) Contact Google Support.

You could try to warn the site that what they are doing is wrong, but this would be a big mistake. You never want them to realize any more about you than they already do, and you can't afford to give these people the benefit of the doubt. They realize what they're doing, so if you suspect something is amiss, then make sure you go to Google's support page immediately. Clearly and concisely explain the problem to them, and from there, do not return to the site.

3) Keep using Google.

They're the best, most prominent google search engine in the world, and the more that you keep them apprised of what is going on from spammer activity, the more accurately they will be able to refine their rankings to place these sites at the bottom and the more relevant rankings at the top.

The Internet can be the most useful informational portal you'll ever find, but it will only stay that way as long as users are communicating regard and problems to Google for a better experience.

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