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 How To Change Web Hosting Without Downtime

Changing from one web hosting provider to another can cause downtime if you do not have the necessary skills and experience. Here is a step by step guide to help you make a transfer without any downtime.

Step 1: Back up all your files.

This must always be your first step. Before you do anything else, backup all your files from the old server. Back up your text files, image files, and database. This may take several hours, depending on the size of your website.

Use FTP to transfer all files to your local hard drive. For databases, you may need to use a third party software, or you can use PhpMyAdmin. PhpMyAdmin is available within your Cpanel control panel.

Step 2: Upload all files to the new server.

Once you have backed up everything, upload all files to the new server. Make sure the directory structure is correct. For example, if "www" is the root folder, all files that belong to the root folder must be uploaded correctly to that folder. Otherwise, you may encounter lots of errors when you migrate your website. Use your database software to upload the database as well.

Step 3: Add email accounts to your new server.

Log in to your control panel, and add your existing email accounts. When your new site is ready, your POP email accounts should be working as well.

Step 3: Test your mirror site.

You have just created a mirror site for your existing site. Use a temporary URL to test the site to ensure that everything is working correctly. Are you able to connect to the database? Are the links and images displaying correctly? If everything has been tested to work fine, it's now time to make changes to the DNS.

Step 4: Changing the DNS.

The moment you change your DNS, you are instructing the registrars that you are changing web hosting providers. Your top level domain name will then point to the domain name servers. Go to your registrar, and update your DNS servers. There must be at least 2 domain name servers. Once the DNS has been updated, it takes a few hours for the changes to take place.

Some webmasters make the mistake of changing the DNS first. This is a mistake. When you change the DNS, the site starts to migrate. Some of your visitors may be unable to access your site because the new site is not ready yet. In other words, making changes to the DNS before the new site is ready can cause unwanted downtime.

Step 5: Wait 48 hours for the changes to take place.

Usually, the migration happens within hours. Allow up to 48 hours for the DNS updates to be completed. You can see that the transfer has been completed by using a WHOIS domain tool. The new name servers will be reflected when you make a search for your top level domain. Finally, check to see that your email accounts are working correctly.

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Your web hosting transfer is silky smooth if you follow above web hosting migration steps; backup your files and database, transfer to new hosting space, and follow by DNS change. Refer to our hostgator transfer page and host gator coupon page for more info and discount.

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