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Planning Your Wedding? Cyprus May Be Your Best Choice For 2010
Posted Date: 2009-11-17
Resource Box Info:
Wedding Cyprus | | Weddings in Cyprus

For the perfect wedding, Cyprus is the perfect location. Think you can't afford a wedding in Cyprus? Think again, because not only are weddings in Cyprus now more affordable than ever, they're often proving to be a much more economical alternative to weddings at home.

Now which would you prefer: a wedding in Cyprus with the wide, open blue sky reaching down to the edge of the azure ocean, the gentle sound of Mediterranean gulls mingling with the rhythmic tumble of the waves breaking on the golden sands, or standing shivering in the drizzle on a typical British summer day hoping that the wind doesn't blow the bride's veil across her face in every photograph?

It seems astonishing to many that when it comes to planning an affordable wedding, Cyprus is the ideal choice, yet it also seems to be classified as an extravagant luxury. Let's be clear, if you're planning on having a hundred of your closest friends and family whisked away to Cyprus for a fabulous all inclusive holiday during which you and your partner exchange your vows, then yes, Cyprus is certainly likely to warrant being classed as an extravagant choice.

Yet this invariably never happens, because when couples choose to have a wedding in Cyprus, they tend to just take a few of their closest family and friends with them. Taking half a dozen people to Cyprus is almost certainly far cheaper than paying for a hundred or more guests to enjoy an all expenses reception party and evening meal in your home town.

Your wedding is one of the most important and memorable days of your life, and the memories should certainly be about the two of you and your romantic joy. Finding yourself being shared between a hundred or more people almost always results in neither the bride nor the groom having many focussed, concrete memories of the day at all - just a few snapshot impressions and a general feeling that the day was one to get through, rather than one to savour.

Weddings in Cyprus couldn't be more different. With just a few close friends or family with you, every minute of the day is special, and at a wholly different pace to weddings at home. Getting married round the corner from your home may well mean that as you arrive at your wedding there is traffic driving by, sirens in the background perhaps, the hustle and bustle of people going to the shops, to work, to school, and a dozen other ordinary sights and sounds. It's almost impossible to relax, and when faced with the prospect of standing up in front of a huge crowd of people, many of whom you may not even know especially well, wedding nerves are only to be expected.

Now imagine the close intimacy of a few special friends, a flower strewn garden on a hillside, the ocean stretching all the way to the horizon, a soft breeze gently stirring the blossom on the trees, a flower arch under which you and your partner enjoy the tranquillity and calm of each and every minute; the only sounds those of the ocean, the gulls, and the words spoken during the perfect, thoroughly memorable wedding.

By saving money having just a few close friends with you for your wedding, Cyprus becomes not only a very real possibility, but in many cases helps couples save even more money. But it isn't just about money. No matter how important money is, and how much you may find yourself dwelling on the financial side of your wedding, Cyprus is much more than an exercise in cost cutting.

Weddings in Cyprus are about creating fabulous memories, moments to treasure, and photographs you can be proud of, look back on, and recall the extraordinary time you both had. With a wide variety of venues, from hillsides to beaches, chapels to modern, vibrant locations, Cyprus is able to provide just what you want. With a surprising number of local businesses geared specifically towards weddings in Cyprus, you'll find all of the services you need extremely convenient and very affordable. From wedding photographers to florists, limousine drivers to caterers, having your wedding in Cyprus can often mean finding the whole experience of organising the day much less stressful.

By hiring the services of wedding planners in Cyprus who are familiar with the local venues, services and businesses, you can be confident that your day will be organised and tailored to help create your dream wedding. Cyprus is a place where dreams are born, memories forged, and vows exchanged, and where every night the sun sets fire to the ocean in a display that's just for you.