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 Every Domain Name Can Be Search Engine Optimized And Rank Top In Search Engines

What should you be doing with your domain name? How important is it, really, to get the name right? Many newbies make the mistake of thinking that it is not very important at all. However, it is probably the most important thing that you can do because it plays a majorly important role in where you end up in the search engine rankings. Every domain name can be search engine optimized, and if you are not doing so with yours, you are truly missing out. Here are a little things that you must do to fully automize your domain name and turn it in to the success that it has the thinkable of becoming.

1. Do extensive keyword research.

Ignore Google's keyword tool at your own risk. This is the place to discover out what keywords are most important to the purpose of your site. The future of the Internet is all about niche marketing, and if you are not niche-ing it up, then you are going to have a hard time standing out in a sea of billions. So how does the keyword selection process work? Well, start with the general keyword you are looking for. From there, Google will give you a list of related search terms, along with the amount of times that each one has been searched in the last month. Regularly, you want to stay shy of 80,000 global monthly searches, but you also want enough searches to determine that the keywords are viable. (Think more than 5,000.) Make a list of all the related search terms that qualify, and then use the exact verbiage for your domain name of the best candidate. One other important note: Google will also tell you how competitive each keyword is. In other words, who is already trying to optimize that phrase?

2. Play with the phrasing and buy that domain.

More than likely you are going to have more than one option that you will have to try out. It is simply a good idea to not put all your eggs in one basket. Once you have a domain name that has not been taken, whether it be the first option or the fifth, take it. Domain registration and hosting is very cheap, and you can have all that you need in place within minutes. Once you have your site up and running on a reliable hosting service, you've got to think about getting the content worked out.

3. Create a minimum of 10 content and keyword rich posts.

Doing this will ensure that the search engines take note. The more reliable your content, the more likely visits will raise along with the time each individual spends on an individual page. And with that, comes success.

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