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118 How To Find Foreclosure Deals? The following article covers a topic that has recently moved to center stage--at least it seems that way. If you've been thinking you need to know more about it, here's your opportunity. There are many ways you can make money on a foreclosure 1. It's really tempting to focus our energies on properties selling for 50% of their fixed-up value, which are rare to find, or most often snapped up even before ordinary investors get a whiff of it. Most people will find it easier, and ... Author: Peter Lee
280 Strategies to Help Avoid Foreclosure Unfortunately, everyone runs into a time of life when money is tight and juggling finances is a serious challenge. For individuals owning a home, they could be in a position of having the home foreclosed for lack of payment. If you have found yourself in a compromising position but desperately want to do what you can to save your home, the good news is that avoiding a foreclosure is possible if you know how. Gerry Vandewall is the owner and operator of Foreclosure OK, a web site that focuses on individuals who may be in a position of having their homes foreclose. For more information, visit:
178562 The Reasons to Avoid a Foreclosure on your Manufactured Home Manufactured Home owners often don't seethat the consequences of a foreclosure are veryunlikethose of a Mobile Homeshort-sale. A short sale could bea fantastic substitutionearningseriousconsideration. JD Evans is an industry expert in mobile housing finance. He currently manages manufactured home refinancing activities in California.
178785 Foreclosure Plan Not Suited for Changing Mortgage Crisis Despite mortgage modification programs being offered, the Obama administration's response to the mortgage crisis is not adapting to address the changing nature of the foreclosure crisis, says a report released by a watchdog panel. California Home Mortgage Services by SD Mortgage Group. Our 58 years of experience in California home mortgages make us your best home finance option.
180081 Foreclosures Grow in Housing Market's Top Tiers Zillow estimated that nearly one in four homes with mortgages was worth less than the value of the home at the end of June. San Diego Mortgage Group has been financing California home loans for 28 years. Our experience and honest approach make us the premier mortgage brokerage firm in California.
180103 Why Seek Free House Foreclosure Lists In Las Vegas? In the state of the economy now many of us find themselves wondering if they should seek out free house foreclosure lists in las vegas. Get las vegas, nevada Free Foreclosure Listings delivered to your inbox at
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