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The next big problem that's going to hit people is the cost of energy. It is already skyrocketing and burdening our wallets. However, the idea of energy efficient home comes as a rescuer in this regard. It not only has a good effect on the environment but also helps you mend the big hole in the pocket. You can actually save big bucks that you spend on heating and cooling costs by following a few simple building and landscaping guidelines for an energy efficient home.

Tight construction tightens the air penetration from home exterior and in the process improves the energy efficiency of the home. Tighter construction ensures that the air gaps, generally caused during framing are enveloped well by air sealing. This also improves the home air quality since the polluted outside air will not be able to affect the cleaner inside air. Thus, cooling in winter and heating in summer is aptly prevented.

Improved Insulation can go a long way in enhancing energy efficiency. It would inhibit the heat transfer through the home, i.e. the air, remains warm during the winter and cool during the summers. The crimps, gaps and compression are done away with carefully installed insulation. The desired interior temperature can be maintained without spending a fortune on heater or air conditioner. You save a lot on energy costs.

Maximum amount of heat exchange between home interiors and exteriors is through windows. To avoid heat loss or gain through windows you can get high performance windows installed. Though they may sound like a high cost right now they surely are a wise investment considering the fact that they save a lot on energy costs in the long run. Double glazing and special coatings act as glass insulators. These improved materials make a true high performance, energy efficient window. They do not affect the visibility in any way; just inhibit unwanted heat transfer through the window.

Apart from using high performance windows, make sure that the window framing is tight. So, use materials with low conduction, such as vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. It is not advisable to use metal for a window frame since it is a good heat conductor.

Combine the latest energy efficient building techniques with installation of energy efficient equipments in your home. These heat or cool your home interiors efficiently without consuming too much energy. They save on energy costs. Many heating and cooling system companies offer energy efficient equipment that help you lower your energy consumption bills. It is not difficult to accentuate your comforts and save money at the same time.

Landscaping. Building an energy efficient home is not just about the house. Landscaping features can also contribute to the efficiency of a home. One of the best landscape elements are thoughtfully placed trees. They provide shade over the home during the summer and can act as windbreaks during the winter. This can help your home maintain better energy efficiency.

With today's technology and capabilities, it is very possible to have a home that is much more energy efficient. Building energy efficient homes helps them become more environmentally friendly, and it also encourages greater comfort at home. Additionally, it can save a great deal of money in energy costs. Air quality in the home is improved by some of these measures, and unwanted drafts can be reduced by measures in building and landscaping that keep the home energy efficient.

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