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Central America plays host to tourist at its many Caribbean destinations. One such lesser known destination is Belize, located near Mexico and Guatemala. It is a peaceful & beautiful place with the Caribbean Sea right at its doorstep. Belize is primarily Creole and its people friendly and welcoming. This very factor makes it different and better than other Caribbean destinations which are not so welcoming.

English is the language of choice in Belize, making it more comfortable for those who feel unsettled when not surrounded by people speaking in their native tongue. Some westerners have a bit of trouble adjusting to the relaxed and laid back natives, however. No one is watching the clock in this friendly locale.

Belize offers all kind of accommodation, resorts, hotels, even budget hotels. It is neither inexpensive as some of the other destinations of Central America nor is it too expensive. In fact it is okay for all kind of tourists to stay here.

Belize is great for the outdoor lover. You'll find protected natural habitats, as well as coral reefs and rainforests. Fish and mammals abound so nature lovers will be in their element. If archeology is your passion you won't want to miss the ancient Mayan ruins. You can schedule day trips with tour guide agencies and learn much about the meanings of the ruins as well as their rich history.

One such Mayan site having 60 structures is Lamanai, dating back to 1500 BC. This ruin is 90 minutes away by boat showcasing various forms of seal life on the way such as crocodiles. Another very interesting Mayan site is Xunantunich.

You can indulge in snorkelling or scuba diving at the Belize Reef and the Cayes, which is the longest reef in Western Hemisphere. Belize's underwater world displays a very colourful reef and showcases many beautiful examples of marine life such as tropical fish.

When packing for your trip to Belize, bear in mind that the weather is hot and tropical year round. Belize is extremely humid, even more so in the summer months. Shorts, t-shirts, and bathing suits are necessary all year. However, bring a few sweaters, as the evenings can get a bit cool during the winter.

Belize is best visited from November to May or June as the summer months sometimes get too hot to handle, making visits and excursions, such as those to the Mayan ruins, almost unbearable in the hot weather. Also July to November, are the months of the hurricane and thus best avoided. Belize City has its own airport which has regular flights from almost all the major United States and Central American cities.

Belize is a beautiful little country with plenty to see and do. It's perfect for people who are interested in not only lying on a breathtaking beach, but experiencing a rich underwater sea world, and the history of the area's original inhabitants as well.

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