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Fair Fuel UK is an organisation under Peter Carroll, its national organiser. This organisation is a campaign that lobbies the government against the rise in fuel taxes as well as battling for cheaper fuel. Fair Fuel UK have managed to head off fuel duty rises of 9pence per litre over the last 15 months and is now battling to persuade the government to scrap a rise of 3.02pence per litre. This campaign is supported by more than a quarter of a million members of the public and was primarily formed by road hauliers and motoring organisations, due to the devastating impact this fuel rise could have on haulage businesses. The campaign has been recognised for its tireless work in lobbying the administration to stop planned fuel tax increases and has been awarded the CIPR 2012 Excellence Award for public affairs, which is the most prestigious award for the public relations profession. It was also recognised for being a campaign built to inform the public of the policy agenda. According to a recent report, about 38 MPs have started to support the campaign. The Fair Fuel UK group is further calling upon businesses and the public to register their support of the campaign as well. The Fair Fuel UK organisation currently has around 251,000 members, but they’re striving hard to double the figure to create a greater impact in the minds of MPs.

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