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There has been a lot of talk about finding the right furniture for one's indoor or outdoor living environments, but the subject is rarely turned to the right manufacturer. Customers rarely care who made the product, they only care that the product they've purchased is good. But they ignore the manufacturer at the cost of their own well being. Finding a good source is a great way to make sure you spend less time investigating whether or not a product will meet your long term criteria. But what does a quality rattan furniture manufacturer look like? How long will they have been in business successfully plying their trade? What kinds of prices will they charge for the products that they make? And how will you know what other customers are saying - i.e. whether or not they are satisfied with the quality and the customer service? Look for the following:

Time in business

A quality manufacturer does not have to have been in business long as long as they have the reputable testimonials to back up their product. That means real customers have real gratitude towards them in areas of quality and/or customer support. (That's right, a good manufacturer doesn't have to "get it right" all the time on the product as long as they "get it right" in the end, by the customer.) Manufacturers who have been in business a longer amount of time are seen as better bets because they usually have a pedigree that recommends them. But don't discount newbies "just because."


You don't want the cheapest furniture when it comes to rattan, but do you want the most valuable. The difference between cheapness and value is this: cheapness means you pay a little but you get a little in return. Value means you pay a reasonable (but not always lower) price and get more than you put into it. If a rattan furniture manufacturer is pricing their products based on value instead of cheapness, then you want to keep them in your buyer portfolio.

Feedback and Quality

Ultimately, you want to hear from people with no vested interest in the company. A normal batch of customers, who've said they used the products and think they are great. If there have been any complaints, how has the company handled them - like they wanted to sweep everything under the rug or like they cared about making it right with the customer? Collect as much feedback on the quality and support of a manufacturer as possible, and don't hesitate to contact the manufacturer itself with any questions or concerns.

Ultimately, you want to do business with a reputable place that will deliver a quality product every time. If not, you want someone who will make any wrongs right.

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