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President Obama met with Congress yesterday to discuss the facts of his socialized health care plan. The President campaigned last year on his aspirations to reform the health care system in the United States and has wasted no time. He has been discussing a plan to allow Americans to purchase into a government insurance plan. Some rumors say that the President plans to make this plan binding with immense penalties if not purchased andadhered to.

Obama sent a letter to Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and Senator Max Baucus of Montana, chairmen of the two committees he is running with to {draft|draw
up|prepare|write|plan} the health care plan. (Kennedy’s committee only includes democratic senators and Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, an independent.) Obama has allegedly initiated dialogue that makes the plan a law, requiring each American to purchase health insurance of some kind, the government plan at the
very least, but requesting a “hardship waiver” for those in hardship that cannot pay for the associated costs.

Obama wrote in the letter, “The plans you are discussing embody my core principle that Americans should have superior choices for health insurance, building on the principle that if they love the coverage they have now, they can keep it,
while seeing their costs lowered as our reforms take grasp.” President Obama made it apparent during the 2008 Presidential election campaign that his chief influence for health care reform was the loss of his mother, Anne Dunham, in 1995 from cancer, after watching her fight with greedy insurance companies and elevated costs.

During a debate with Arizona Senator John McCain, his rival in the election, in late 2008, he stated
his heath care plan very simply, “I think it [health care] should be aright for every American. In a country aswealthy as ours, for us to have people who are going pennilessbecause they can’t pay their medical bills – for my mother todie of cancer at the age of 53 and have tospend the last months of her life in thehospital room in dispute with insurance companies because they’re saying this might be a pre-existing condition and they don’t have to pay her treatment,there’s something deeply wrong with that.”

Covering 50 million uninsured Americans could cost as much as $1.5 trillion over the first ten years of the plan, a cost that opponents of the plan are just not willing to allow taxpayers to pay out. Obama did not offer any solutions to curb those costs though he did mention that he would like to “have access to” an further $200 billion to $300 billion over ten years from Medicare and Medicaid, a familiar government action, something numerous tax experts call “pinching from the elderly”.

Opponents of the plan also ask the quality and time effectiveness of a socialized health care plan. Hilary Clinton was a chief supporter of health care during her husband’s term as president, something opponents referred to as “Hilarycare”. The same opponents are fighting it now for the same reasons: In countries where they already have similar health care plans, they are paying three times less than Obama’s plan will
supposedly cost and studies have shown that quality will be in short supply and that key surgeries, particularly organ replacements, will take years of going through a waiting line.

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