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The main attraction of Ghana is the Elmina castle. It’s one of the many forts built by the Portuguese when they first came to Africa to establish trade links. But in the 17th century it became a depot for the transatlantic slave trade and its dungeons housed many slaves captured from all over West Africa to be shipped to the Americas. Once you leave Elmina castle one must take a short drive to the cape coast to catch a glimpse of the cape coast castle too. This castle was also purpose built for the slave trade and the castle had dungeons for male slaves on one level and a church right above it! Before you leave the city make a sure shot visit to the fort St. Jago.

Ghana has been to seen to address the problem of inadequate accommodation very effectively. Government has initiated measures to brand Ghana as the preferred tourists' destination in the Sub-Region and the African Continent. Government had surveyed the entire coastline of the country and other tourist attractions, in order to make land available for investments in the sector. New model hotels are being constructed and the old prestigious hotels that have deteriorated beyond recognition are being restored. Ghana comes to you with a pinch of homely comfort offered by Barbers village and a sandy beach, surrounded by palm trees. The beach slowly gives way to the sea. Ghana’s natural heritage is rich Dense tropical rainforests being developed into nature parks for the ecology-minded tourist such as the new National Park at Kakum, and in Ankasa Forest in the south of the country. Birds and butterflies are particularly numerous in Ghana s forests. Ghana forests are great for watching birds and butterflies. It is a form of ecological conservation that has emerged naturally.

With all the advancements in the hospitality industry and developments in the travel and tourism sector a trip to this part of the black continent will not disappoint you.

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