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The home page is set up like a classified ads page. It is free to list on finditghana so whatever your reason for listing, it is a cost effective way to get the word out there. The broad categories for the listings are

• for sale & wanted
• classes & lessons
• cars & motors
• housing
• services
• in the community
• personal ads
• work & jobs
• job wanted –CVs & resume

You can see that there is something there for everyone. No matter what your needs or wants, there is an absolutely free way to list it or browse for it. The great thing is that just because the site was created with Ghanaians in mind, it is user friendly and virtually anyone can list anything. And IT’S FREE!

On the left panel of the homepage there is a row of buttons you can click on to navigate various pages on the site. No matter where you need to go, the easy to navigate, user friendly buttons help you to get there quickly. Below the HOME button you can click on POST AD. This is where you would go if you want to list your ad on the classifieds page, which is also the homepage. Next you can POST EVENT. If you have an event of interest in Ghana or for Ghanaians abroad, this is the place to advertise it. You can POST IMAGE if you have photos or artwork you would like to show. Next are the FORUM and CHAT buttons. Of course this is where you meet with Ghanaian friends around the globe. Or maybe you would just like to meet someone. This is a small world after all thanks to the Internet! And the final button is SHOP. You are navigated to a page that offers unique Ghanaian prints for sale.

There is a lovely selection of colorful works available and many of them are at drastically reduced prices. The categories available are:

• Autors Works
• Childrens Art
• Cityscape
• Floral
• Landscapes
• Mistery
• Naturemord
• Posters
• Rural
• Still Life

If you are looking for original artwork or prints for either your home, office or school, finditghana has truly unique and colorful prints that would add a touch of the exotic to any room, anywhere. It is well worth your time to navigate through the sections in order to browse these original works.

For Ghanaians everywhere, take a moment to visit a page dedicated to and for you. Welcome friends!

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