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As proficient Kruger Park Tour operators, Journey into Africa have done their research and after a number of years of creating, operating and marketing tours to customers, they have come up with the ideal solution that easily incorporates many of the very best aspects of a Kruger National Park Safari.

Your guide is the most important aspect of any trip, and this can determine if your experience is memorable or regretful. Our guides are part and parcel of any tour, having lived and worked in the Kruger national park for many years - they call it home and know it better than any other. Guides are a great benefit and are your own personal 'Bush GPS' system. Your guide knows where the best area are, where to spot the most cunning of animals and have a keen eyesight that will hone in on any interesting bush activities. Many, if not all of our guests will end their experience knowing that they have made a friend in their guide.

One of the next defining factors is undoubtedly accessibility in and out of your Kruger Park Safari. One can fly (a costly option) and then hire a car once your flight has landed. Another excellent idea is to select an outstanding tour group, with a guide and a very comfy air-conditioned vehicle. This is an option that most would choose outright. Being chauffeured around the Park, without fear of heat or animal intervention is a pleasing option. All tours include a pickup from either the OR Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg) or alternatively, from the hotel of your selection that resides in the general JHB/PTA area. Your selected tour can end at the destination of pickup, but for most international travellers, the airport remains a perfectly accessible location.

On Mondays, scheduled departures will allow us to further bring down costs as the Monday tours are run as small groups, with a decent amount of tourists from around the globe (a minimum of two and a maximum of nine are the group requirements). We have researched this fact and found that Monday is indeed the most common of days that most travellers to the Kruger Park would choose to start their tour.

As for the Kruger National Park itself, it covers a massive space of roughly 20,000 square kilometres of low veld terrain that is both hot and flat. It also ranks as one of the very best sanctuaries for game that the world has ever seen. If we were to compare the Kruger Park to a small country, Wales would be the closes approximation of size; it is also larger than the state of Hawaii. It can take absolutely weeks to search out and explore every aspect of the park. With this in mind, we have taken the time to breakdown the very best possible areas that a three to five day safari would cover. The southern-most sector, with its abundant wildlife would present the best opportunities for large game spotting and hopefully, the "Big 5" themselves.

As far as accommodation on your Kruger National Park tour goes, we have indeed covered all of our bases. We employ the use of a fantastic four star lodge called the Manyatta Rock Camp, and it is nestled within the Kwa-Madwala Private Game Reserve. This lodge will be your home away from home, where you will be able to enjoy delicious meals and its unbelievable accommodation options. During the day and night, you will gain the opportunity to discover the Greater Kruger National Park, as you delight in viewing game from an open 4x4 safari vehicle. There are also a wide variety in regards to extra activities to engage in, such as elephant-back safaris, micro-light flights over the reserve, guided game walks and many more. Your South African safari will be great indeed.

Take into account the above options and you will soon begin to see that there is a reason we have dedicated so much research into these tours. It includes astonishing guides, snug and cosy transportation; a full service in regards to drop off and pickup from your location, exceptional four star accommodation, top game viewing opportunities and all of this on a price that is hard to beat.

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Shaun Harrop-Allin runs his own South African Safari tour operator. One of the highlights in his arsenal of Safari tours is the Kruger National Park Safaris.

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