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Extractor Hood in United Kingdom is most commonly known as Range Hood in the United States, for some other parts of the world it is called kitchen ventilation, stove hood or even chimney. It is basically design to remove negative airborne charges by filtering or removal of air in the designated area. There are several types of range hoods available in the market one of the common ones are the wall mounted and the island range hoods.

Wall mounted range hoods, as the name implies, are build up on the wall directly on top of your kitchen range or stove. The negative aspect of wall mounted range hoods is that they acquire too much space over your stove which could have contained a cabinet.

Island Range Hoods refers to a design that are attached to the ceiling above the kitchen range or stove. Island Range Hoods adds practicality, quality and worth to your kitchen’s blueprint. The good thing about this type of range hood is that it saves space because you can put it on any part of your kitchen. It can directly be attached to your ceiling and does not require any type of supporting construction.

Island Range Hoods can also be installed with a good lighting system, so its dual purpose when used. It can properly illuminate the cooking area and at the same time sucks out hazardous air in the kitchen. The lighting system also adds to the interior effect making it look elegant. Some of the known manufacturers of range hoods had use this to their advantage, as they offer a wide array of designs to choose from that suit your design concept. You can even request a custom fit design if necessary.

Another advantage of an Island Range Hoods is it looks more dramatic than the wall mounted one, and can even look like a sculpture. A drawback of island range hoods in general is that, as with the wall mounted range hoods, you cannot place extra cabinets or shelving in that area.

To decide the best island hood to suspend over your kitchen stove you should reflect on numerous stuffs. The area where you’re putting the island is important, as is the orientation of the kitchen. Also significant is buying the proper size island hood. A hood that is too big can cause ugly obstruction to your kitchen and maybe costly. However, a small size island hood may not be able to properly clean the kitchen. It is best to measure the area and may be consult with an interior design or engineer before buying and installing a range hood.

Island hoods work like other range hoods in that they freshen up kitchen’s air. Because of their setting, they are often ductless, which means that cleaning process of an island hood is through filtering. When the smoke from the stove is sucked in and is passed through series of filters for cleaning and will be return back to the kitchen. You won’t need exterior ventilation for this one. But the effectiveness of an island hood would depend on the effectiveness of the filter, so make sure this matches.

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