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Article Directory - Adam Lambert Announcement: AI's Lambert Is Ready Premier His New CD - "For Your Entertainment"

Who is this god Adam Lambert? Why does everybody admire him so much? Is it really possible that we have a new Elvis in our midst?

You know s Adam Lambert. You loved him on American Idol, and if you were a fan, you saw him on tour with the AI Tour 2009. I saw him in New York and let me tell you, he was the rockstar of the show. Kris may have won, but people walked out after Lambert was done - they had seen enough to know that they had just witnessed the birth of a true star.

Whether he is the next Freddie Mercury or the next Beatles, we won't know for awhile, but the statistics on tell us that his download is number one and will be the top selling album of the year - not too bad for a first one!

For those of you who were hiding under a rock for the most of this year, Adam Lambert is a GOD. He is beautiful, glamorous, and is the best looking guy the music industry has put in front of us for ever. With his black painted fingernails, his big blue eyes, and that incredible black hair, always impeccably styled, he is what rock and roll should be.

In all the years of AI, there has never been a star with so much vocal ability, such style, and such a beautiful personality. Adam Lambert has it all - get the CD!

Adam Lambert's first album will be released in November 2009 and you can get it sent to you at a discount price, by clicking on the link below. It will be sent to you so that you are able to listen to Adam the very day the disk is released to the public. Don't wait and pay more at your local store when you can order American Idol's Adam Lambert CD at a better price and get it sooner!

NEWSFLASH! "For Your Entertainment" - the SINGLE is available now on the site below. Also, order "For Your Entertainment" - the CD, too! Delivers in 2 weeks!

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The Time for Miracles is available at click here at a discount price for a short period only. Order it today! For more info, also visit Dee's Adam Lambert site at

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