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Worship God or money. Most churches, organizations, book publishers, and authors make money using Christian websites.

Do all of them follow teachings of Jesus? The answer is yes and no. Jesus said where your treasure is there your heart is. There is nothing wrong with Christian workers earning their wages for doing God's work.

The Bible supports and recommends that they be paid, and paid well indeed. (1 Corinthians 9:7-10). There is in the economy of God provision and care for his workers. God also teaches us to multiply our talents and not to hide them or bury them.

Proverbs teaches us the value of diligent hard work, and discourages laziness.

This is an individual conscience issue. To serve God or to make lots of money in the process of serving God is the question.

The intention makes the big difference. One helpful verse is, 'for all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world (1 John 2:16).'

The Good Christian websites follow these guidelines:

1. Teach directly from the Bible. The Bible is our only source of authority.

2. Disciple you to follow Christ.

3. Link you to a relationship to God himself

4. Help you to become salt and light of the earth

5. Encourage you to be unselfish and love others

The wicked Christian websites are those whose intention is to deliberately and intentionally deceive and rob the Christians.

The wicked websites follow these patterns:

1. Teach from human sources (books, preachers, and teachers)

2. Deceive, entice, and lure you to buy something to make you feel holy

3. Promise healing through deceit and lies

4. Use tithing as a way to become wealthy

5. Provide messages for itching ears feeding the secular and humanistic values

The very foundation of Jesus teaching is no one can worship two masters. You cannot worship money and God. You will love one and hate the other.

I am disappointed that the wicked Christian websites have not considered the temple scene. Jesus takes a whip and drives the merchants away, saying you have made my father's house a den of robbers.

An old preacher once said that we should Worship God, love people and use things. Instead, today we learn from the world to worship people, love things, and use God. It is good to follow the advise of the proverb that says give me neither poverty nor riches. Jesus said give us this day our daily bread.

Robert Fenn

Resource Box:
Robert Fenn is a pastor, preacher, mentor and bible teacher for over 40 years.
His writings reflect his personal daily walk, struggles, victories and failures. He loves to share God's unfailing love, protection and guidance to others throughout his life.

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