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Where will my web designer host my site?
Many businesses do not realise that when a site is built it sits on a server. Sometimes their web designer sits it on their own server in their office. They have limited band-width that they have paid for and your site can run a little slow. This is simply not good enough! They need to be far more professional than this. It is important to ensure that your site is hosted with a large company that specialises in hosting and gives very wide band-width so that your site is very fast. A good way to test this is to go to a site that has been built by the company that you intend working with. Now go to this site and start counting immediately. If the site does not load within 4 seconds flat then give them the flick! Seriously! That is how fast your site needs to load in order to ensure that you get customers coming to your site. It is also a quick way to test out your prospective web design company that you work with. If you like you can use my site as a test. My site is hosted with a professional company in the USA. Click on the site of your web designer and start counting to see how many seconds it takes to load their site. Its generally a good indication of how fast the sites are that they develop.

Oh and a quick definition on what band-width means. It means how many lanes of traffic are going to your site. Small companies can only afford 2 lanes for example (or so many gigabytes), where as the big professional lanes have 16 or 20 lanes of traffic (huge gigabytes). That is why I prefer to go with the big boys. I want big numbers and they get special deals with the telecommunication companies to get the deals. I like that VERY much. :-)

How much will my hosting cost per month?
This is a question that is hardly ever asked. Your local web designer can charge over $100 dollars per month for hosting. While this cost can be negligible for some businesses minimising some of these ongoing costs can give your business beneficial savings. The company that we work with for hosting range from $20 to $50 per month depending on whether you require only one domain or many sites to connect to your business.

I will regularly be updating these article with more questions that you should be asking your web designer so stay tuned for the latest updates.

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