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Becoming a Dad for the third time wasn't as easy as becoming a father the first couple of times. My wife and I had placed everything into plan perfectly. We had completed the house and had the nursery ready by the time my wife got pregnant the third time. While she was pregnant, we go to the backyard, add some outdoor decorations, garden statuary, and fountains during the weekends. I would do the heavy stuff and she would do the light stuff. Sometimes great goals are not always achieved the way you designed for them and all our plans went wrong as the doctor gave a pronouncement.

My beautiful wife was told to rest more and avoid stress as she was having problems with her pregnancy. My wife expressed her disappointment when we discussed about her not working on the yard. We decided that I continue the work and for her to go shopping. The best thing to do at this point was to buy the outdoor garden decorations online and have them delivered to us. My wife could get exactly the type of outdoor decorations she wanted, from our home.

Getting started was so easy. We searched online and discovered a site what has all the outdoor garden d?cor both my wife and I were looking for. This site offered more than outdoor garden d?cor. Available offers were an outdoor bench, swing, table, and other beautiful and useful items. We ordered everything we needed and waited for its delivery.

Some Lanterns and candles were the first items we unpacked. aside from being wonderful outdoor decorations, these illuminating objects are necessary when you do not have outdoor electricity. Next object to arrive was the fountain, an essential object in the garden to attract birds. We were especially excited when we received the hammock. After the first items' arrival, the outdoor decorations were delivered.

I was still not geared up for the garden decorations to go up. When we were finished, it appeared magnificent. As I was still planting the flower beds, my wife began with her labor. Luckily, the doctors cut off the labor in time since it was too early for her to give birth. She got hospitalized then gave birth to our baby. She was very upset, that she couldn't act as the foreman, on the fix the garden job anymore. Luckily, she liked to draw and sketched the garden how it would look like when it is done. I took those sketches and run through them. I was able to figure out where she wanted most of the outdoor d?cor placed. We were able to figure out where to place the other garden d?cor with the help of her bestfriend.

My wife gave birth to a healthy baby girl. We were all relieved. For the first time, my wife cried when she came home and saw the garden as she loved it. Despite the hard time of it, every blister and every sigh of pleasure was worth it.

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