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Article Directory - Concise Computer Consulting of Farmington Hills Saves Their Clients from Identity Theft with On Site Computer Repair

Jeff Atto, Business Manager for Concise, noticed the uptick rate of illegal virus and malware incidents in the summer months of June and July. He explained the unusual activity that included:

 Vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Windows Operating System
 Opening e-mails from suspicious and unknown sources with attachments
 Visiting websites which claim to offer “free” software, music or video downloads
 File sharing websites

Concise was created to help small businesses with various technological needs such as onsite computer repair, offsite data protection, disaster recovery solutions, computer repair training, and data backup services. Lately, ConcisePC has been responding to client demand for anti-virus and anti-spyware protection.

The damage to a business with a compromised informational technology system is catastrophic. With bank accounts larger than an individual’s, a small business has the responsibility of protecting the critical personal information of its customers and vendors. The result comes in the form of law suits, credit fraud and quite possibly the demise of the business itself.
Jeff Atto and the entire staff at Concise advise and educate their clients to be proactive to avoid a scenario mentioned above. “There are plenty of actions that a client can choose,” offered Jeff. “These actions are covered by our services that cost nothing compared to the devastation of a viral invasion or an illegal computer hack job.”

Concise Computer Consulting services the small and medium sized business community as well as residential homeowners. Concise offers every kind of on site computer service: laptop repair service, online pc repair, pc tech support and computer trouble shooting. Concise also offers Remote access configuration, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Web site design, Server Administration, and Preventive maintenance in the metropolitan Detroit area. In addition, Concise diagnoses, installs, and manages both wired and wireless Local Area Networks, and even resells computers, laptops, and servers for Dell and IBM.

When you are experiencing computer problems, the time and money lost in productivity grows by the minute. Give us a call if you are having technical troubles and let us get you back up and running ... within hours.
Jeff Atto of Concise Computer Consulting, LLC, located at 2150 Franklin Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI. Please contact us for any question about your home computer or laptop. 248-745-8255
My email address is and our website is

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Concise Computer Consulting, LLC focuses on supporting the technological needs of small businesses, as well as the technically challenged homeowner. We support a wide range of clients in every field imaginable. We are quite familiar with popular software packages, and are able to also assist you with industry-specific or custom software issues. Concise is your one-stop-shop for all technological related needs.

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