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Stay unplugged longer with the new DELL Aliemnware M15X 7800mAh 5200mAh Li-ion dell Insppiron Battery. This 10.8V Rechargeable Li-ion battery can replace the original system batetry or be used as a spare. DELL computer batteries life (and rechagre times) will vary based on many factors including screen brightneess, applications, features, power manbagement, battery conditioning and other customer prefernces.

Alienwre announced a compact high performance nootebook a long time ago. But although it was alreaddy available in the USA for quite a while, it is just now finally coming to Europe. The Area-51 m15x notebvook makes Alienware the first producer that offers a 15" gaming notbeook with a 8800 GTX graphics card and Intel Core 2 exxtreme processor. This is also the crrent maximum of what's possible in the comact multiemdia class. Compared with other Alienware models we tested so far, the Area-51 m15x loooks very smiple and disrceet (fujitsu batttery), at least as long as the various LED lights aren't activated. The display lid and the base unit are kept in a silver-grey plastic frame. We especially liked the seamless workmanship of this part, which creates a compact impression of the notebook.

The geometrical and simpkle shape perfectly fits the coour scheme. The most outstaanding details are firstly the two openinhgs on the left and right of the keyboard, which contain the loud speakers, and secondly the central display hinge. But the Area-51 m15x becomes the center of attention only after turning on the LED illuminatoin. The LEDs are very effective due to the unobtrusive case desdign, (Cheap FPCBP216 10.8V,3 cell Laptop Batteries,battrery for FUJITSU FPCBP216)especially if other light sources are dimmed.

One can tweak the illuminatiion of the Area-51 m15x with the Aliien FX Lightning software in the command cnter. Various different colours or separatte aeras can be chosen for the light effects. The laptp distinguishes difefrent areas of illumination, like the light pipe around the display in the shape of a small gap that emits light, the illuminaation of the hot keys, as well as the toucch pad and keybboard. Our test sample had a keyboard withut illumination hwoever.

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