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Recently I discovered the phrase Christian websites in my search. I noticed that concerning 15000
-20000 folks are looking this every month. My immediate reaction was what are they searching? This
phrase will not tell us a whole ton of what they're wanting for online.

Is it for employment, pain reliever, answers to prayer, staring a business, finding a partner, healing?
{I decided to do a probe and see what is out there. Yes, there are several Christian websites.
claim to supply solutions to these problems.

There's nothing wrong with individuals looking out for solutions. However, they will never find it from a
source. If we tend to are looking out for solutions instead of the source of the answer who is Jesus Himself
we can miss the boat which too huge time.

God is our solution. The manner he will help is totally totally different from human sources. But, sincere
or misguided the human is, at the center of human heart is deception. Facilitate from Christian websites aren't any better.

Even in the foremost smart-hearted intentions, there is a tiny selfish reason that is purely evil and corrupt. We
all can notice that if with David we tend to prayed search me of God and see if there's a wicked manner in me.
Even once God redeems us until the day of resurrection, we generally tend to would like to stay searching our souls for ulterior
motives and intentions.

Jesus said return unto me all ye that suffer and I will give you rest. He called his disciple and the primary
thing he says, 'Follow me and I will create you fishers of men.' Our duty is to follow him and He can create
us fishers of men. Most Christian websites try to sell you something not help you.

We generally tend to don't want to fret and worry about how you will ever become fishers of men; His promise is to make
us one. At the top he said, 'Go and preach the gospel, and build disciples teaching them all I've got taught you.'

I will try to make this web site to produce a sturdy and truthful biblical based mostly series of truth revealing pages to
bring us shut to God himself. His truth is what will triumph at the end.

All human efforts including the tricks and gimmicks of Christian websites can finish one day and God can continue
throughout eternity. All praise and glory is to the Lord of Lord and king of Kings Jesus Christ our Lord

Resource Box:
Robert Fenn is a pastor, preacher, mentor and bible teacher for over 40 years.
His writings reflect his personal daily walk, struggles, victories and failures. He loves to share God's unfailing love, protection and guidance to others throughout his life.

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