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Article Directory - How ElcomSoft System Recovery Can Assist You if You Forgot Administrator Password

Gaining access to a locked Windows account can often be an awkward. However, there are certain methods to redeem and replace passwords. This program works for all editions of Windows, unlike many similar solutions which only work for the older editions of Windows. You should no longer need to telephone your computer support supplier and get them to try to mend the problem for you.

A program such as this gives you a much lower cost and more efficient alternative. If you forgot administrator password, then you are undoubtedly not alone. Approximately 40 per cent of telephone support calls are down to the same issue, so this is a program that a considerable number of computer users can benefit from greatly.

Also, it is a versatile program which has lots of varying functions. It is ready to move to a bootable compact disc or USB flash drive. This makes things a lot easier, and certain other software solutions require you to make a bootable disk within Windows, making things a lot more time-consuming and difficult.

For urgent assistance, you can simply purchase and download the software or find out more details from their website at This will offer you a better idea of how it works and what it can do for you. You will find that it is straightforward to operate, and does not require any extensive knowledge of how your operating system works.

However, the degree of success that you can expect very much depends on the amount of security that you use on your PC. Nonetheless, for the vast majority of average computer users, you will be able to get an quick unlock, being able to specify a new password for your PC and gain access instantly.

You may also be able to resurrect the original password, if you must for any reason. In order to achieve this, a combination of brute-force and dictionary hacks will be required. These can be completely automated, using various of pre-defined settings. This means that any common words, a short combination of digits, or any other short and non difficult password can be recovered with no delay at all, and this will be what is attempted at the first time.

This process only takes a few moments, and it gives you a decent good chance of recovering your password and logging back into your account hastily. However, the application also knows where the passwords are cached on the PC which can, in various situations, give you an improved chance of recovering a more complex password. However, while this might sound rather confusing to the average user, the software makes it a lot easier for you. There are no complicated scripts to learn and no poor clones of the Windows GUI.

This application does a lot more than just recover passwords however, also allowing you to mend various other issues that often occur on people's machines. It will also let you configure some administrator account settings, allow you to look up your user privileges, and also detect various accounts on the machine which do not have passwords. Added to this, it also deals with special system accounts which are normally not exposed, such as the administrator account in Windows Vista.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a solution which is going to do the task easily and quickly, then this one is definitely worth trying. With a free trial period available, you have absolutely nothing to lose and you can give the application an attempt and see what it can do for you.

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