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Every home needs restoration at some point in the time. Whether its fire restoration or water restoration, you need to act quickly to fix the problems before it goes big. Imagine a scenario; its cold outside and water pipes are so frozen, they are going to burst anytime. If you act quickly, you can save money on new water pipes. Calling in help can save you from lots of trouble. Similarly, your home is on fire ( God Forbid) and the fire is contained in one unit of your home. If you call help, you can save other units of your home. To restore the burnt unit of your home, you need help. Only restoring areas affected by fire is not enough, you need full damage assessment, toxic chemicals neutralization and smoke damage assessment. Fire restoration companies have a set of procedures they use to assess and restore areas damaged from fire.

When fire erupts and starts burning a home or any portion of home, toxic chemicals are produced. These chemicals are a result of breakdown reactions from various parts of construction materials, glues, solvents, rubber, wood and other items in the structure. These chemicals become toxic affecting residents of the house. Fire restoration companies have state-of-the-art technology that detects and neutralize these toxic chemicals and residues along with containing hazardous materials.

Fire loss is devastating and complex. The result of fire is a complex smoke that damages home in a very different way. The smoke can travel from nooks and crevices to other portions of the house and can result in chemical residues that are hazardous. The trained technicians know how to eliminate toxic smoke residues and restore damage parts of the home. A fire restoration procedure includes everything from assessment, chemicals containment, restoration and smoke damage restoration. The smoke and soot are the major problems. Blackened walls, ceilings and furniture cause more damage than fire itself.

Fire restoration is not only set procedures to restore a home from fire. Other procedures like test for toxic gases, materials and residues along with smoke and soot odor removal from indoor environment as well other items like electronics, machinery, books, documents and artworks is also part of restoration process.

Similarly, water restoration is not only limited to fixing water pipes, sewers, leaks etc. It includes odor control, fabric restoration, mold remediation, sewers control, dry wall, wet carpet restoration and sewerage cleanup.

No matter what the problem is, you need to make sure the restoration process starts as soon as possible because a water or fire damage can quickly settle in and it will be really difficult for fire and water restoration companies to assess and restore the damage areas.

Here is what you need to do when fire or water damage occurs:

1. Personally assess the situation
2. Call fire restoration or water restoration company
3. Check the reports on damage and restoration procedure
4. Act accordingly

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