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It is more and more apparent that the need to use green energy is becoming vital to the survival of human civilization. Cost and supply of everyday fuels have gone up and the consequence of their waste and emissions on the environment is going from bad to worse. Now it is the time for alternative solutions for power. End your dependence on oil magnates and make solar power right in your backyard today.

The Idea Behind make solar power technology

The first step towards your make solar power project is to obtain some solar cells. Most solar cells are created from a substance that is semi-conductive in nature. The most commonly used substance is silicon. When photons contained within the suns rays strike the solar cells, they dislodge electrons from the atoms. This creates a hole in the electron shells that attract other electrons to it. If a PN junction is made-up in the cell, then the dislodged photons starts flowing towards the P side of the junction. The effect of this electron movement results in a flow of electrical current which can then be routed from the surface of the cell through electrical contacts to produce power.

Different components used to make solar power:

PV cells which are an abbreviation for photovoltaic cells
At least one battery
Charge regulator for a stand-alone system
Inverter, when alternating current (ac) rather than direct current (dc) is required
Mounting hardware or a framework

Things to consider when evaluating the efficiency of solar power

Reflectivity of the cell surface
The surface electrodes on the front of your cell will also impact its efficiency by blocking light from entering that portion of the surface area.
Cell efficiency can also be hindered by the temperature. If it gets too hot, the cell will receive less current and produce less energy. Inherently, solar cells in use get hot, so it is important to mount them in such a way that they are cooled to keep current production at its maximum.
Make sure you use the right kind of battery for your system. As the batteries used in these systems are discharged and recharged slowly.

Following are some of solar electricity or photo voltaic (PV)'s current applications
Off grid systems: In its most simple form, this stand alone system generates electricity without the need to connect to a power grid.
PV System for battery storage: You can design these for either AC or DC power. If you have mostly AC devices, you can add an inverter to your system to convert the DC power to AC.
PV Systems having Backup Generator Power: It is best suited for the situations in which remote or non-grid-connected power is needed and that power must always be available.
Hybrid Power Systems: These systems are ideal for remote applications like military installations, communication stations, and rural villages
PV Systems and Net Metering: This allows homeowners to get the full value of the electricity which their solar energy system produces.
Let's try to get out of this ferocious treadmill of paying hard earned money to the companies for their electricity. Make your own solar power and reduce your bill to very little or to nothing.

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