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You figured out that you want to live in the Charleston area but don't necessarily want to have to maintain a large piece of Charleston real estate.The idea of a condominium however is getting your attention as it gives you the best of all worlds - no maintenance and living in Charleston.Make sure you understand the condo buying world before you start this process and know just what ownership means.


Where condos are different than regular Charleston homes for sale is in the fact that you often have to be a member of the condominium owners Association.This means you will have to pay monthly or yearly dues.It is vital that you understand what these dues are up front. After all, they are going to add to the amount of money you are paying out every month to live here, so you need to budget them in.

What Are The Benefits

You know you have to pay the condominium owners association fee but just what are you going to be getting for all that money you're putting into them?If you shop around you will see that as you look at all these kinds of Charleston homes for sale that different condo owners associations charge different amounts and offer very different services.Learn what is included and what isn't.


The next thing you need to know before getting involved with this type of Charleston real estate is what is expected of you.All condominium associations have sets of rules and bylaws that you have to live by when you are living there.You may want to get a little help while looking over these as quite often they can be written in legal terms that may not be so easy to understand.Before you think of buying a condo make sure you're okay living with these rules.


Are you sure you can get the financing you need to buy a condominium?While you may have already gotten bank approval to purchase Charleston homes for sale that you were looking up before that doesn't mean you're approved for condominiums.Many banks have a different set of rules when it comes to financing condominiums over homes.Before you get too into the purchasing process make sure your bank will back you up and finance a condominium purchase.

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