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We have all probably been given something unexpected or beautiful for Valentine’s Day and it has much been appreciated. But spare a thought for those who get inappropriate gifts on a day that should truly be just for lovers or those who are loved.

Although the 14th February had become synonymous with giving your loved ones a gift to show how much they are appreciated, this day really should only be for someone plighting their troth, so to speak.

Of course, the day itself has been commercialized, as has Christmas, Easter, and all the other days of the year that should be a little bit sacred. That is not to say, naturally, that you cannot show your loved ones appreciation at any time of the year. Rather, do it on days other than the ones set aside for husbands and wives to be, sweethearts, and those wanting to try their luck with someone hitherto untouchable by their Lothario!

It seems a little incongruous that the fashion has become a kind of free for all where children give their Moms a Valentine gift, or where brothers and sisters give each other a gift. This seems slightly odd to those who know the history of St. Valentine’s Day and all it entails. Indeed, it has even become fashionable of late for everyone, men included, to wear bright red on this particular day. Where did this come from? And what self respecting man would fall for this new fashion? Many it would seem!

What everyone seems to have forgotten is that the gift or card should be given anonymously. Of course, this flew out the window many moons ago because many did not want someone else taking the credit for that beautiful bouquet or spectacular gift. But it seems somewhat commercial nowadays that you really must put your name on a gift when the loved one should know its sender.

But, having said all that, who doesn’t like to get a beautiful gift, on Valentine’s Day or any other come to that! With this in mind, many will scour their brains trying to come up with something a little bit special for the big day.

Nothing goes down better than the ubiquitous gold heart, whether it is on a neck chain or on a bracelet. Some modern day gift givers will even go so far as to choose an appropriate belly ornament to attach the heart to. This, obviously, is usually reserved for the young or young at heart. The acquisition of a belly ring is somewhat modern but it seems to be here to stay.

Some will send half of a heart with the other half being retained by the giver. These pairs of necklaces are a very romantic gift since the giver is saying that he/she only feels whole when they are together as one. Some hearts come intertwined with each other – that is one fitting inside the other – which gives out a similar message.

Another favorite gift for Valentine’s Day is the tennis bracelet made of x’s and o’s. In the dot com generation this message stands for hugs and kisses and don’t we all need plenty of those! Matching gold necklaces are available along with ankle chains which make up the complete set. Sometimes the symbols come in two-tone gold to set off the difference between the x and o. White and yellow gold looks so perfect together and give a really modern feel to the piece. The great thing is that it can be worn with other gold accessories or silver accessories whichever is required for that particular outfit.

Probably the best gift any woman would love is a ring. But, take care on Valentine’s Day. This could be misconstrued as an engagement ring or the promise of a deeper relationship. If you really are not going to take the relationship that step closer to marriage or commitment, rings are best left to those who are headed in that direction. Imagine the embarrassment of having to explain that you just thought she would like this particular ring and that it doesn’t mean anything too deep.

If it is commitment that you are after, the cladagh ring is something that is half way to the engagement ring. The design is a heart between two hands topped off with a crown. If the ring is worn with the point of the heart facing out then the wearer is saying that his/her heart is still available. If the heart is worn pointing inwards then the wearer is advertising that their heart is taken. This is a really cute way, albeit subliminal, to show whether the wearer is available or not. This is a cool way to say something intimate without going too deep, yes?

A heart shaped necklace is also a nice, but subtle, way to give a special gift to your loved one. Again, it doesn’t go too deep but it does show that they are something extra special. But gifts for St. Valentine’s Day are not restricted to hearts and all things heart shaped. Many people would shy away from something as obvious as a heart so try something else for the big occasion.

Neck chains come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Box chains, link chains, fine chains et al and they come in many lengths to suit all wearers. Chokers tend to be heavier but care should be taken if the wearer is a little on the large side because the length may not be suitable.

Solid bracelets may also present a problem if the wearer has large hands. The bracelet may just not go over the hand and this would be a wasted gift. Better to get a bracelet with a clasp or opening so that the wearer can at least feel comfortable putting it on. Some bracelets come in extra lengths to cater for the larger wrist so be subtle and try to make sure the measurements are accurate before you buy the gift!

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