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Drip marketing is a form of marketing approach that uses promotional messages sent through emails to subscribers and sales lead for a given period of time. The sending of email messages is called drips in business parlance hence the name of this form of marketing. it came from the agricultural practice of dripping water on plants to nurture them for a long period of time. the concept uses email marketing software and has been found effective by many who have tried using it. Through it, you are cultivating your client base and future customers by keeping them aware of your existence, and of the product or service that you are marketing to them. This creates a continuous perception of your product or service which embeds it in the clients’ consciousness.

Drip marketing is very effective for potential clients who are in the process of searching for the right kind of product or service. The first impression that your marketing gives them often becomes their choice when they finally decide to buy. But to have this effect, your marketing campaign should be informative, a means for a client to come to a decision. If your ad failed to do it, he may not be able to remember you when he makes a purchase.

Drip marketing was developed from the “Law of twenty nine” which states that a prospect needs to see a product or marketing ad twenty nine times before he is finally convinced to buy. This reinforces the idea of this kind of marketing on a constant connection with the customers. Failure to communicate with them on a regular basis will give the competition a chance to offer them their own items. And there are others out there who are doing this kind of marketing so if you lag behind, you will be removed from the clients’ consciousness.

If you are going into drip marketing, you must have strategy first of all. By following it all through your marketing campaign period; you will have a consistent marketing action which denotes stability to the clients. Decide on the form of communication that you will be sending out to your prospects. It could be a regular newsletter, sales brochures or postcards. The contents of your messages should also need to be carefully written out, so as to prevent it from being filtered out by spam filters. Do something different on a monthly basis so as to keep customer’s and prospect’s interest in your product or service.

To start with your drip marketing campaign, develop your marketing concept and think of ways on how to execute it on your chosen market niche. To create consistency in your messages, have your own marketing catchphrase which should be placed on every marketing message that you sends out to your target market. Do each part of your marketing plan according to what has been conceptualized and you will have great chances for success.

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