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Nearing the end of the 1994 redesign, the new 1999 Celica GT still offers almost the same value, style and performance. A perfectly new Celica comes from the XYR sports car design, which was first seen in North America.

The Celica's upgrades will include a more powerful and efficient engine. The new engine has a greater power rating thereby making it more promising than ever. The past engine was shown to deliver 145 ft?lbs of torque while the redesign has shown to make 180 ft?lbs, making it a little bit faster than before.

Its physical design will also be reinvented. The past model of Celica has a rounded front end giving it an overall alien-like and bug-like look, which really does not suit the contemporary modern sports era. Watch out for the make-over of the new 1999 Celica.

Not only will the outer appearance be redesigned, it also goes the same with its interior design. In fact, the new design has luxurious leather-covered steering wheel and seats. The dash and door panels are encased with soft plastic. There is also a lot of driver's seat settings, which include height and length adjustment of the seat cushion to make any driver satisfied with his place. The rear seats are also made to be foldable, which adds up some space for the cargo. However, the cover of the cargo compartment is kind of frustrating because of the straps which are tricky to remove.

Celica's gauge layout and controls are amazingly effective. It has simple dials to operate the temperature control system. The stalks are easy-to-reach while making headlight and for turning on the signals and windshield wipers. The front seat headrests are also amazing because they tilt forward in order to decrease whiplash. There are also bins and small pockets spread around to place your driving gear. It also has a bigger center console which could serve as additional storage.

One minor drawback is the placement of the fuel and temperature gauges. They are placed at the speedometer's right, which makes them very easy to read. However, since they look exactly the same, it would make you look at the temperature level while looking at the fuel level. In the new model of the Celica, the location of the temperature gauge will also change.

The redesigned Celica will be changed only a little when it comes to driving characteristics. The new model will still use the four-wheel suspension. The new Celica's gas-filled shocks and front and back stabilizer bars will give the new model stability while adding some suspension movement. From slow to normal driving speeds, the car feels just as good and just as excellent.

The braking performance is also rather on the average under normal driving conditions.

To sum it up, the Celica just does not excel at all in any area. Everything about it just belongs around the average level. For the new Celica to be able to compete with the new world of hard-edged cars in the sports area, it had better improve its performance, its style and its value.

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