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Websites are the most economical, most effective and most flexible way to get your message to the global community. Today, when readers need information, they go online. People reach out for friends, products and information with the confidence that whatever they need is at their fingertips in mere seconds. If you or your organization has a message, that message can resonate around the Internet with an information-packed website.

Online sales grow every year. Charities are evaluated online more than ever before. More viewers first see the house they will buy online than in the presence of a real estate agent. Travel accommodations are made through Internet providers. Retailers and airlines offer deep discounts for online shoppers while sites like Amazon and Barnes - Noble reach out to purchasers around the world.

Serious research about companies, communities, charities, educational facilities and products is performed every minute of every day. If those goods and services do not have an Internet presence, they are not in the game. It is no longer a question of whether or not a website is needed, it is really a question of how effective a website the organization can develop.

By examining the ten best reasons to have a website, we can put some direction your organization's Internet existence.

1. Establish a Presence - If you have an organization with a message and that message could benefit from access to the more than 100 million people and businesses who access the Internet, that organization needs to build a website. "If you build it, they will come" is especially true of an Internet presence. Regardless of how far you take the process, it all begins with that first commitment to launch.

2. Build a Network - Once your site is up and running, you can link to other relevant resources. The network you create will increase the appeal of your site and keep viewers coming back for more. By building a network with other entities that link your site to their own, your exposure increases further. This is a cost-effective way to gain exposure.

3. Create a 24/7 Sales Platform - As international Internet purchases increase each year, buyers, researchers and contributors now go online expecting to finalize transactions. With proper design, sales can be completed in seamless fashion and delivery arrangements can be completed effortlessly. Meanwhile your site is promoting products and services and processing transactions around the international clock.

4. Expand Your Marketing - Forget all those expensive brochures, direct mail campaigns and provide everything that would be in these marketing tools on your site. Adding your URL to your business cards, letterhead and all printed materials lets reader know your organization has an international presence and appeal. Internet marketing is cost effective, efficient and produces results. Those results begin with your website.

5. Increase Product Awareness - This is your opportunity to get accurate portrayals of your products, services and their value in front of millions of viewers. If you believe in your organization, tell the world. Separate your products and services from the competition. Describe the reasons viewers should do business with or support your organization.

6. Develop a Publicity Outlet - If your organization is on the Internet, the media is watching. Press releases get attention and media outlets are all over the web. Online press kits are available and can help direct traffic to your organization.

7. Increase Reach - Organizational reach is crossing international boundaries as global followers care less about origin than they do about quality and accessibility. The Internet is the least expensive way to communicate instantly and internationally.

8. Improve Customer Service - Many times the key to sustaining customers is by providing reliable problem solving solutions that can be accessed around the clock. We know that we can never anticipate when a customer may need an answer. Websites provide the opportunity to resolve issues by accepting troubleshooting request, providing maintenance tips and processing request forms are they develop.

9. Increase Efficiency - When your organization can provide the public with improved customer service, quick ordering and information processing, links to outside sources and describe thousands of goods and services within seconds and upon demand, the organization's efficiency has improved immeasurably. As your site continues to evolve, it will get even better.

10. Save Time - Money - Part of the efficiency is the reduction in time to develop information and launch the site and the incredible economics of this mass marketing approach. Cost of sales and marketing expenses will be dramatically lower and the reach greater. In terms of return on time and financial investment, there is no question that your organization's website is value packed with the potential for big rewards.

One of the great advantages of the 21st century is the evolution of man's ability to communicate. The world may not be getting smaller, but we are certainly more in touch. Let the Internet and your online presence go to work for your organization.

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