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Backpacking The Sydney Area

If you are planning a backpacking trip to Australia, you will undoubtedly spend time in Sydney.  Sydney is the largest city in Australia with approximately 4-5 million people. 

It is a cosmopolitan world city surrounded by iconic beaches, world heritage areas, and acclaimed wine regions.  These features along with fantastic weather have made sydney Backpacking a must for many travelers.  Sydney's laid-back outdoor lifestyle and physical allure make it one of the world's easiest and most pleasant cities to visit. 

The city is centered around Sydney Harbour, which is the location of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, affectionately known as the coat hanger.The Harbour is also home to the famous Sydney Opera House and is surrounded by a belt of National Park used for many recreational activities, including backpacking. 

There are also several miles of beaches both north and south of the city that are popular with those who take on Sydney backpacking.  There are also several art galleries, shops, and more that make up rich cultural areas in and around the city of Sydney.   Getting directly to Sydney will probably involve going through the Kingsford Smith Airport, which is the main international and domestic airport in Sydney, and in Australia for that matter. 

It is about 6 miles south and west of the central business district and Sydney Harbour.  To get to the city from the airport, there are several options including bus,airport sedan service, taxi, train, or shuttle.  Perhaps the most popular is to take the Sydney Airport Shuttle Transfer services.

This is a quick and cost effective way to get from door to door in Sydney without unwanted stops.  Sydney backpacking is a must for travelers to Australia.  Among other things, this region is a grand spectrum of delights. Here you'll find sparkling waterways, World Heritage-listed national parks, age-old mountains and ravines, and cascading waterfalls. 

Within the city, you will find a bustling, modern, and international metropolitan area with much to see and do.  And, it is quite easy to get around in for easy access by travelers.  Sydney is well known as an simple and pleasant city to visit. 

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