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Stair lifts serve many useful functions apart from the ability to travel up and down stairs. Stair lifts are symbolic of independence and mobility for all those persons who cannot move about freely over stairways. In almost every household, stair lifts have become a staple feature especially for the senior citizens or disable persons in the home.

There are many aspects to consider before a person decides to buy the stair lift for a family member.

Kind Of Incapacities
Most stair lifts have an intrinsic design to help the person to climb stairs but are devoid of other aspects like the ability of the person to get off or sit on the lift alone. It is best to consider a stair lift, which provides the ability for the persons to get up or off the lift on their own.

Stair Examination
The width of the staircase should be calculated to ascertain if it has the capacity to accommodate the bulky nature of stair lifts. If you happen to be in doubt as to the particular model apt for your kind of stairs, you can ask the stair lift manufacturer to perform the quotation. Thus, you can ask the company representative to examine your staircase to ascertain the best model fit.

Comfort Aspects
You also need to evaluate the comfort levels of the person who will be using the stair lift. Certain stair lifts are manufactured with a straight design while other stair lifts can be customized for a more curvilinear fit.

Height And Weight
The height as well as weight of the person should be calculated to ensure that the stair lift fits in the best possible manner. The dimensions as well as measurements of stair lifts must be in accordance with the person who will use them.

Options For Installation
If certain stair lifts need tedious methods of installation, it is best you do not opt for them as they complicate matters more for you. Certain stair lifts go easy on the installation but are not of the foldable variety and then there are others, which might be tough to install but are easily folded to facilitate optimal storage.

Consult Occupational Therapist
If you are still in doubt as to, which model of stair lift will suit the person using it, consult with an occupational therapist. You can browse through the brochures to arrive at the best model to fit the needs.

Experienced Company
Incase you decide not to purchase the stair lift from a manufacturer, you need to look for companies, which have a good reputation for the products sold. Ultimately, it is not only about the brand but also customer assistance as well as support when you start using the product.

You must always take the time to consider the best possible stair lift option. Do not get carried away by attractive deals or promotions and instead follow the above tips to select the stair lift with the best comfort, fit and durable parts.

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Randy McIntire is an expert on mobility aids such as the stair lift. For more information about stair lifts, visit AmeriGlide.

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