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 Vegan Dinner Recipes - Kung Pao Tofu Recipe

This is a delicious, yet healthy recipe that will satisfy your palate and have you coming back for more. The secret of this is not just the ingredients, but the order in which the food is prepared and cooked. If you ever wonder why food tastes better in a fine restaurant, it is because recipes like this have been perfected by professional chefs. Try the recipe below for yourself and discover the benefits of Vegan dining and healthy living!

* 1 block tofu, firm
* 1 tablespoon peanut or olive oil
* 1 cup hoisin sauce
* 1/2 cup soy sauce
* 1 tablespoon Sambal Oelek (chili and garlic sauce)
* 1 tablespoon Spicy Bean Paste (Korean hot sauce)
* 1/2 cup red wine vinegar
* 1/2 cup sugar (optional)
* 1/2 cup carrot, small diced
* 1/2 cup onion, small diced
* 1/2 cup red bell pepper, small diced
* 1/2 cup zucchini, small diced
* 1 tablespoon peanut or olive oil
* 1/4 cup macadamia nuts or peanuts

Place the water packed tofu in the freezer overnight. Using tofu that has been frozen first will give this dish a meatier feel. Freezing makes the texture of tofu chewier, which resembles chicken. Thaw the tofu by leaving it out all day or in the microwave for a few minutes. Once thawed, squeeze the tofu between your hands over a bowl to catch all the water that will come out. It will feel like squeezing a sponge dry. The more water you get out, the more the tofu will absorb the flavors of the sauce. Slice the tofu into bite-sized cubes and fry in the peanut oil until golden brown. Set aside.

Next, make the Kung Pao sauce. Combine all the sauce ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well, then set aside. Adjust the sauce to your taste by adding more hot sauce if you want the sauce to be hotter, and less sugar to take away some sweetness.

Cut all the vegetables into same size pieces so that they will cook evenly. You can use all your favorite vegetables, these are just a suggestion. In a sautť pan heat the peanut oil and sautť the vegetables. Just be sure to add the thicker ones, like carrots, first and let cook for two minutes. Then the onion and bell peppers for another two minutes. Add delicate vegetables like zucchini last and only cook briefly or they will get mushy and lose vitamins. Add the golden tofu cubes and mix gently. Now add the sauce, a little at a time, until you get the desired coating. Let the mixture simmer for a few minutes to reduce the sauce and thicken it. For the final touch, sprinkle with macadamia nuts for a truly local flair, or peanuts. Serve over jasmine rice and enjoy!

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For more delicious vegan dinner recipes, including FREE recipes, visit Easy Vegan Recipes

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 Top Reasons To Buy Real Estate In Winter Park

Itís difficult to narrow down the top 10 reasons to buy real estate in Winter Park Colorado because itís such a wonderful and attractive place to call home. However, here in no particular order, are our top 10 reasons why you should buy real estate in Winter Park.

1. Location: A world away but easily accessible, this world renowned ski resort town is located in Grand County, at the scenic southern end of the Fraser Valley. Access to Winter Park real estate is a breeze from the Denver Metro area over Berthoud Pass on US40, a major 3-lane highway. Winter Park, CO has all the charm and sophistication that a tourist or resident craves. Blessed with such a spectacular natural location, Winter Park is renowned for its abundance in cross-country skiing opportunities, mountain bike trails, concerts, hiking and excellent fishing.

2. Skiing and Snowboarding: With 3,060 total skiable acreage that include 143 designated trails and 1,212 acres of off-piste terrain, including Vasquez Cirque and glade skiing, Winter Park is a world-class ski resort. The resort is open from mid November to mid April and in addition to great big mountain skiing, Winter Park has extensive terrain parks and pipes.

3. Golf: Winter Park land for sale is set amidst Four 18 plus hole golf courses in the area. These courses are located at 8,000 feet above sea level. Who knows if itís the thin air or the amazing energy of the mountains but your drive definitely goes farther up here!

4. Fishing: There is great fishing for every angler near Fraser Valley real estate. Winter Park, Colorado real estate is near 1,000 miles of streams, 1,000 acres of high mountain lakes and 11,000 acres of reservoirs.

5. Mountain Biking: 600 miles of marked, mapped and user-friendly bike trails run through the homes for sale in Winter Park. There is terrain to challenge mountain bikers of any ability and you can spend a lifetime exploring them while you live in your Winter park condo.

6. Diversity: There are a wide variety of Winter Park homes for sale and Winter Park, Colorado land for sale to suit every taste and work with every budget.

7. The Lakes: All of our Winter Park property for sale are located near mountain lakes with 150 miles of scenic shoreline. The lakes are suitable for boating, sailing or fishing.

8. Festivals: From art shows, music festivals, ski and snowboard competitions, and mountain bike races, there are fun festivals happening all year long in Winter Park.

9. Dinning: Winter Parkís 30 plus restaurants represent an exceptional variety of dining establishments. From romantic cuisine at a renovated ranch house and stage stop, authentic Mexican, fine steak houses, to pizza or Chinese take out for you to enjoy in front of the fire back at your Winter Park home, Winter Park dinning satisfies every taste.

10. Shopping: Another reason Winter Park homes for sale are so desirable is the amazing shopping in town. Winter Park has shops offering Indian art, Southwestern jewelry, Western attire, paintings and prints by local artists, books on local lore and history, outdoor apparel and equipment, and Colorado souvenirs.

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Winter Park Real Estate
Real Estate of Winter Park
Winter Park CO Real Estate

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