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 Acne as an Adult

When most of us think of acne, we think of adolescence. Many people who had acne as a teen are no longer afflicted by it; however, the number of people who do battle acne during their adulthood may surprise you. While teens do make up a large percentage of the acne-suffering population, it is more prevalent in adults than one might think.

It is also becoming clear that the physical, psychological, and social effects of this condition are still frequent occurances in adults, and can cause many problems. Also according to recent studies, acne is an increasing problem among adults, but the reasons for this are not always clear.

Whether acne strikes during adolescence and lingers into adulthood, or simply strikes after the age of 30, the physical and psychological effects can be long-lasting and cause problems. Dermatologists say that adult acne is more likely to leave permanent scars because as the skin ages and loses collagen, it's more difficult for it to bounce back and the scars are, therefore, often unable to heal as they would in younger skin. Physical scars aren't the only ones left by adult acne.

Psychological scarring can be much harder to trace, and sometimes more difficult to deal with because of the misconceptions that accompany them. For example, it has been believed that the psychological effects of adult acne are easier to deal with because adults are able to accept the condition better than teens. In reality, the ramifications of these scars can be severe because acne has been perceived to be a condition specific to teens. Though we know this isn't the case, many people are often afraid to admit they have adult acne and seek treatment.

As perceptions are shifting, and more people are recognizing acne as a problem not only among teens, but also among adults, more people are going to dermatologists for treatment.

Many adults are now seeking relief from prescribed medications as well as from over-the-counter products to treat the condition. Sales of these products have increased, along with the awareness of adult acne.

Because adult acne is reported to be on the rise, doctors are now starting to consider the special causes and unique effects of this condition on older patients. As public awareness continues to increase, people may be more likely to seek treatment.

The wealth of information is now available about adult acne can also help people afflicted with this condition to better understand it and how to combat its problems. More care is also being given to the psychological effects of adult acne. Because adults, like teens, are often affected by what those around them think and how they are perceived, many often stray from attending social events. Understanding what is causing the adult acne is key to its treatment. If the physical problems are treated, the social and psychological ones can be as well.

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 Introduction of Western Astrology and How does it Affects the Western World

Living in a world where everything is fast-paced, every person does end up having problems at one point or another. People would try to cope with their problems but they canít avoid to be problematic. Some of these problematic people would resort to different solutions. Some may consult the world of astrology and ask for predictions of their future endeavors. Even if a person may be happy and full of love, he/ she would sometimes depend their fate on their horoscopes hoping that their loved ones would clash with them harmoniously. These horoscopes and predictions came to be due to western astrology.

Western astrology is based on Tetrabiblos of Ptolemy in the 2nd century AD. It was a continuation of Hellenistic and Babylonian traditions. It largely deals with horoscope which talks with the alignment of the planets, sun, moon at the time a person is born. Thus this horoscope end up dealing with the zodiac which is a belt of constellations through which the Sun, Moon, and planets move across the sky. In the passage of time, the twelve zodiac signs were established. These signs refer to the twelve constellations through which the sun will pass throughout the year.

Knowing this part of astrology, it makes people curious about this mind creation. Though it may have been studied, people might also have doubts regarding it. Since no one will try to put his life under the testaments of the horoscope. But the horoscope can be used as a guide. Yet it is not something you can depend your life on.
Even if the western world is highly urbanized and new concepts are trying to get into the scene, still the world of astrology managed to remain intact to accomplish its aim. Its aim to make people believe that the stars, planets, sun , moon govern our daily lives. They constantly bombard us with ideas that these heavenly bodies will really affect our ways of living. It is for us to embrace this truth because as they say, everything around us are connected in every other way.

One can have a daily horoscope and one can imagine the truth it tries to tell you when you read it. You can try to relate it to whatís happening to you for that day.

You can let it be a guide for you on what you ought not to do for that day or at least avoid things which would bring tragedy. There is no harm in following some of its preaches but donít let it be the one to make the final decision. It is still you who can run your life. You can still choose tragedy over peace. You can still bad over good. You can still contradict whatever the horoscope is saying. Because in everything we decide, we should not have regrets. We should learn from our mistakes. For in our mistakes, we grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We are still above all things because in the end, we are the ones who run our lives.

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