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 Get Rid Of Your Acne Today - Top Medical Recommendations To Cure Acne For Good

Are you struggling to get rid of acne no matter which acne products you use or which skin care techniques you apply? I know the feeling of desperation one can face when pimples won't go away, and acne breakouts return month after month. Acne treatments can be frustrating, and at times quite irritating on our skin. Many woman deem this to be the result of hormonal acne. But the reality is that, men and young boys also suffer from zits, pimples and oily skin in severe forms.

After struggling with acne breakouts, pimples that would never go away, and oily skin for many years, I have finally discovered a simple and cost effective technique to keep your skin clear of acne. Whether you have white heads, black heads, cystic acne, or a severe form of acne, you must follow these guidelines to assure maximum success of your treatment.

Tip #1: Never use aggressive chemicals or products without your doctors approval

This is one of the most common mistakes acne skin sufferers make. Out of desperation, we may use too many aggressive products with high concentrations of treatments which inevitably, cause dryness, irritation or simply strip our healthy skin tissue. When this happens, your skin goes into a state of shock and may react with redness, a breakout, and could often lead to acne scars or marks.

Tip #2: When your acne condition does not improve, go see a doctor

Why is it that even when our acne is getting out of control, we run to a cosmetic product instead of a medical doctor? Perhaps it is due to the repetitive commercials on television claiming to have the answer to cure our acne 'guaranteed'. Whatever the reason may be, the truth is that acne is a medical condition. If left untreated, it can lead to more severe breakouts or worse, acne scars and marks on your skin. When over the counter products do not clear your acne or if your skin condition is becoming worse, go see a medical professional immediately.

Tip#3. Be patient

The most common mistake is abandoning treatment and changing products too quickly because we expect instant results. I asked my medical doctor for some advise and he replied: " There is no "fastest" way to get rid of acne. Even with the most effective approach, acne improves about 25% per month. It is imperative to explain this slow resolution of acne to the patient in order to prevent premature termination of treatment." Also remember that even after your acne clears, it is still required you continue treatment for a few weeks to avoid future acne breakouts.

Once you have managed to clear your acne, consider holistic at home treatments to maintain clear healthy skin. One of the best known natural treatments for the skin is sea salt, and best of all, it is affordable.

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JG Anaya suffered from severe acne for nearly 20 years and discovered how to maintain clear, healthy skin, utilizing a blend of clinical and natural solutions. You may download a free copy of her step by step Acne Treatment System, or please visit her website to reclaim your beautiful skin:

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