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474 The Luxury of Your Own Yacht Not many of us can afford to own a luxurious yacht. Most of us see it as a symbol that someone has made it big financially. If you are someone who expects to make millions of dollars, you've probably been planning on buying a yacht. Glyn Wilsons is the owner and operator of Star Yacht, the #1 source on the internet for information about yachts, For more articles on yachts visit:
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484 Miami Group Travel Guide Miami's economy thrives on tourism, its beautiful beaches attracting visitors every year. In addition, the city's nightclub scene is a large draw for tourists. Get more information on Miami at Miami Group Travel Guide

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485 Washington DC Group Travel Guide Washington, DC was originally established by the Constitution of the United States in 1789. George Washington, the nation's first president and figure in which the city was named after, chose the land where the city would originate. Get more information on Washington DC at Washington DC Travel Guide

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497 Arkansas - The Perfect Vacation Arkansas is rapidly developing as a family fun vacation destination. With its varied assortment of outdoors as well as indoors activities, it is becoming a delightful store of surprises. It offers great art galleries and theatres for the art lovers and challenging outdoors sports for the energetic. Dwyght Prander is the owner and operator of FCS Arkansas, the #1 source on the internet for information about Arkansas, For more articles on Arkansas visit:
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504 Dubai Apartment Rental Dubai is a shopper's paradise. It is a place which is enriched with tall sky scrapers and big malls which are always very fascinating. It is a land which has been hot favorites of not only locals but also for the people of the world. It has become a hot spot for the celebrities. A place to spend your holidays in enjoying the man-made luxuries of life. Copyright information.... This article is free for reproduction but must be reproduced in its entirety, including live links & this copyright statement must be included. Visit for all types of Dubai Holiday Rental Services.
506 Mississippi Thrives despite Katrina! Shock and disbelief - that's what the world felt when the Katrina disaster unfolded in the Gulf Coast of United States. Generations of effort and sacrifices were destroyed in a wink of the eye. And so were destroyed the hopes and aspirations of the current generation caught up in this devastating hurricane. Wilma Larwill is the chief writer for, and editor of At Mississippi, visit there today for the latest Mississippi advice, and why not sign up for the free Mississippi newsletter. Read many more interesting articles on Mississippi at:
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