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  • Thai Amulets Rental Concept  By : Thai amulet
    Are you a believer of Thai Buddha Amulets? If you are not a believer then you are likely to be skeptical about renting an amulet. It is understandable for anyone who are still skeptical about Thai amulets and what it can do for you. For those who are a believer of Thai amulet will know the effect of what it can help for them in long terms. The benefits of believers that rent Thai amulet gains the protection and blessing ...
  • Thai Amulets  By : Thai amulet
    Thai amulets have the longest history when people all over the world and established relationship with many believers and followers where they rented them for wealth, protection and relationship. Thai amulets rented online with this site are guaranteed authentic and people are assured with confidence of acquiring them.
  • Rent Amulet blessed by famous Thai monk  By : Thai amulet
    Luang Poo Suk has many disciples, both ordained and lay disciples. One of his lay disciple who was very close to Luang Poo Suk was GromLuangChumPron KhetUDomSak who was the son of the 4th King. Luang Poo Suk taught him everything he knew about Dhamma and Wichah.
  • Thai amulet blessing  By : Thai amulet
    Understanding of Thai amulet

    When someone talks about Thai amulets, it comes in mind that Thailand will be the source of renting amulet for blessing in health and wealth. It has been many generations in history that the amulets made by those famous Thai monks who had chanted mantras for days that gave the power of blessing and protection against evil spirits & dangers. If you are a believer then you might have encountered some of these experiences in your lifetime.
  • What is more important than money?  By : Fly Pen
    Have you thought over if you have lots of money but poor health, what good will it be for you?

    There should always be a balance between work, play and sleep. This means that when you work for money to support your family, there should be time to play and sleep. We are constantly exposed to diseases, illness, sickness, etc and therefore we need protection.



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