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  • What's a pilgrimage  By : Anita Barbaric
    What is a pilgrimage? - Well, you may say it is a tour to a holy place, but this is not the only thing that differs a pilgrimage from a usual tour.
    A pilgrimage is a personal message to God.You say "yes" to God when you visit places like Medjugorje
  • A visit to a Hindu Temple by a Non-Hindu  By : Alex De Mostafa
    A visit to a Hindu temple for the first time by a non-Hindu could be intimidating. Idols of human like figures but with animal body parts, multiple hands, mantra chanting and more lends to the mystic that abounds Hinduism. Hindu Temples may be dedicated to one God based on sub-cultures, but there is also a mutual recognition and respect for all other Gods and their avatars.
  • Are Christian Websites Good Or Wicked?  By : Rajkumar Fenn
    The very foundation of Jesus teaching is no one can worship two masters. You cannot worship money and God. You will love one and hate the other.

    I am disappointed that the wicked Christian websites have not considered the temple scene. Jesus takes a whip and drives the merchants away, saying you have made my father's house a den of robbers.
  • Knowing and Doing the Will of God Through Waiting  By : Rajkumar Fenn
    Knowing and doing the will of God teaches us that God has told us to be still and know that He is God. All our running around can come to nothing if God is not in it. He plans with purpose that is beyond us as individuals. His purposes are for the church as whole and we fit in it as a piece of puzzle.
  • UFO Sighting by U.S. Congressman and Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich in 1982  By : Alex De Mostafa
    Dennis Kucinich saw a large triangular craft over the home actress Shirley Macline in the 1980's. He stated, that he looked up, he saw a gigantic triangular craft, silent, and observing him. It hovered, soundless, for ten minutes or so, and sped away with a speed he couldn't comprehend.
  • I Walk by Faith  By : Rajkumar Fenn
    When God is pleased, he always wants to reward that person who pleased him. We get this reward not by a superficial courtesy glance at God. This reward is only awarded o people who diligently, or very seriously seek God at the expense of all else. This here involves to some degree certain sacrifices. Without some inconvenience or sacrifice true searching and seeking would fail. For such a person God has unbelievable rewards!
  • Born Again Church  By : Rajkumar Fenn
    This results in losing the internal productive spiritual value by replacing it with external unproductive, hypocritical rule keeping pleasing other human beings.

    Humans are always attracted to visible rule keeping and conforming to their system of values. This is far from the internal truth that God is interested in. God is interested in a person worshiping him in spirit and in truth. Not keeping a set of rules.
  • Learning How To Pray  By : Rajkumar Fenn
    We are grateful for jobs, work, business we have to provide for our family. Yet, the real source of our provision is in the God we worship. He gives us the strength and means to earn our way. He still is and always will be our provider. Give us this day our daily bread, echoes the thought that we should also not worry about tomorrow especially in the global economic crisis of 2009.
  • Knowing and Doing the Will of God  By : Rajkumar Fenn
    He can stay the sun for a little bit longer, he can build Gideon"s fleece work the opposite manner around, he will build Mary pregnant while not any human male seed, or he will provide Isaac to Sarah after twenty five years.

    So never ever, restrict God. God works differently and thinks differently than humans do. You need to base your understaning of knowing and doing the will of God on these principles.
  • Christian Websites - What Do They Perform For Us?  By : Rajkumar Fenn
    Is it for a job, pain reliever, answers to prayer, staring a business, finding a partner, healing?
    {I decided to do a pursuit and see what is out there. Yes, there are a lot of Christian websites.
    claim to supply solutions to those problems.
  • Christian Websites - What Do They Achieve On behalf of Us?  By : Rajkumar Fenn
    Even in the foremost good-hearted intentions, there is a little selfish reason that's purely evil and corrupt. We generally tend to
    all can realize that if with David we have a tendency to prayed search me of God and see if there's a wicked method in me.
    Even once God redeems us till the day of resurrection, we tend to want to stay looking our souls for ulterior
    motives and intentions.
  • The Ruling Powers  By : BK Urvashi, Mount Abu
    Human beings are the most engenious creation alive today but rarely do we acknowledge our hidden strengths. The present chaotic times call for individuals that have the will-power, discipline, integrity and intellectual strength to not only conduct their own lives successfully but face over-powering external situations too. Hidden inside us is a wealth of subtle energy that needs to be sustained.
  • Money Isn't Evil!  By : Fly Pen
    Somehow the Church seems to have gotten the idea into their head that being rich is a sin. Christians tend to look at verses like 1 Timothy 6:10 and say to themselves, "Money is evil".



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