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  • Dog Training With A Training Collar Or Choke Collar  By : Dog
    There are a variety of names that go under the broad heading of ďtraining collarĒ. Some of them are --- choke collar, choke chain, training collar, correction collar and slip collar. These are all training collars and are used by professionals and amateur trainers alike.
  • Dog Training Schools Ė Foolproof Choices  By : Dog
    Okay the time has come. The puppy you have cherished for the past few months is ready to go to school. Where do you send him/her? Which establishment can be trusted?
  • Have An Easier Time Training Your Dog  By : Dog
    Raising up is a dog is a hard task. The only consolation that youíll have when raising up a dog is that itís not as hard when you raised or will raise up kids.
    Training your dog is something that each and every owner of a pet has to associate with. You have to use time doing what requires to be done and carrying it out efficiently. Pet owners who do not train their animals effectively will have to go through difficulty down the road with misconduct and distressed neighbors. It is worthwhile to get the dog training through as soon as feasible.
  • Dog Training Basics Ė Its A Snap  By : Dog
    Okay so dog training basics, well there is a lot to say but I will attempt to keep it brief. During my recent research into training my dog I found some every interesting information about dog training.
  • Dog Training - Simplified  By : Dog
    Dog training is both frustrating and rewarding. It kills you to torment your poor puppy for months on end, trying to get them to understand commands that to them probably seem irrelevant and arbitrary.
  • American Pit Bull Terrier Training- How To Train An Aggressive Dog  By : Dog
    Aggressive Pit Bulls can become a very serious problem if not dealt with in a proper manner. New laws exist that state if a dog bites or attacks someone, the dogís owner will be held responsible and the dog put down. This is just another reason that Pit Bull owners should invest the time and energy to properly train their dogs.

    There are many different reasons why a Pit Bull terrier may become aggressive. Here are a couple of the most common that I see:

    - Your dog may f...
  • Dog Training Using the Reward Training Method  By : Dog
    While reward training is commonly viewed as the most current style of dog training, it is actually a lot older than most other methods of dog training. It is likely that the reward training method has been in use since dogs were domesticated thousands of years ago. Early humans likely used some unofficial type of reward training when refining the wolf pups that ultimately became domesticated dogs.
  • Dog Training for Proper Behavior  By : Dog
    Training a dog to act properly has many benefits, for the dogs and their human companions alike. Dog behavior training is critical in order to prevent such negative behaviors as aggression. It is important to deal with dog aggression issues by training dogs to interrelate appropriately with other dogs and especially people.
  • Dog Training Career: What is Involved  By : Dog
    If you like dogs, you might want to consider a career in dog training. Learn what is involved in becoming a dog trainer.
  • Dog Training: When To Reprimand And When To Reward  By : Dog
    There are a lot of things people have to remember when they start dog training. There are a lot of different dog training techniques to try.

    Some of these dog training techniques work, while other dog training techniques seem to work against you. With so many different aspects of dog training, it is hard to know what techniques work the best.

    One of the biggest things that often confuse people with regards to dog training is when to reward your dog and when to reprimand...
  • Dog Training: How To Lick Your Dog Incessant Licking Habit  By : Dog
    Does your dog seem to spend an infinite amount of time licking himself? Why is he doing it? And how do you, as a dog owner, correct that annoying licking habit? Here are five of the most common reasons why your dog might be incessantly licking himself and the solutions to correcting the habit.

    1. Your dog might have developed an unrelenting licking habit because he needs a bath.

    If your dog spends alot of time outside, romping through the woods, tramping in the mud, rol...
  • Can You Really Teach An Old Dog New Tricks  By : Dog

    I received a surprise Christmas present last year in the form of a 4 year old female shepherd mix that my wife and daughter decided I needed to replace my long time pet who had to be put down last summer. She really is a beautiful dog, but the shelter fibbed to us when they said she was good with other dogs and cats. She has been rather aggressive with them. We are 6 months into this relationship now and she is much better. I guess she is more secure now.

    The one ...
  • Dog Training And Obedience  By : Dog
    Teach your pup to sit as his first lesson. There are several good reasons why you should start with this command. First, sitting comes naturally to dogs since they often sit to rest. Two, teaching the pup to sit is relatively easy, a lesson that he will learn very quickly. Three, you will find the sit position an excellent base or jump-off spot from which to launch the other commands. When the pup is sitting, he is quiet and under control. The sit position is akin to the five...
  • Dog Training - House Training Your New Puppy  By : Dog
    House training is the first thing your new puppy must learn. The toileting process a puppy learns in the first few months as a member of your household will last a lifetime so itís important to do it right the first time. House training issues are the number one reason why dogs are taken to animal shelters.
  • Dog Behavior Training To Housebreak Your Puppy  By : Dog
    Dog training basics on the proper dog behavior training and housebreaking tips for puppies, puppy potty training,or how to obedience train your dog
  • Crate Training Your Pit Bull Terrier Dog  By : Dog
    Before crate training your Pit Bull puppy, you'll need to acquire a crate. There are many types and variations of crates available for purchase. It is important to pick the type of crate that will best suit the needs of both you and your puppy.

    You should also take into consideration the size of your dog now, and how large he may be when fully grown to avoid having to purchase more than one crate. It is also important to remember that the crate will be his own individual s...
  • Clicks Instead Of Good Boy For Dog Training  By : Dog
    The first major improvement in dog training since choke chains and spiked collars, click and treat has quickly establishing itself in becoming a big hit in the world of dog training. Currently, there are over 10,000 trainers who are using this training method everyday.

    One advantage to using this form of training at home is itís easy to learn for both the dog and his trainer!

    Originally used to train marine mammals, click and treat breaks down the process into two sep...
  • Basic Dog Training  By : Dog
    If you have a new dog or puppy, you may be interested in getting some basic dog training. Dog training can be taught by an obedience instructor, or you can do the dog training yourself.

    Dog training with an obedience instructor can vary in price and it usually takes place in a class. If you do the dog training yourself, it is usually free and you can do it from your own home. If you do choose to do the dog training yourself, it is best to get educated on dog training.

  • 6 easy ways to find a good dog training professional  By : Dog
    Finding a good dog training professional
    With so many people advertising in the field of professional dog training today, trying to determine who's truly qualified to look after your dog can be overwhelming.
  • 5 Tips For Training Dogs  By : Dog
    Training dogs is not a hard. You just need patience, dedication and some simple tactics and you will teach them successfully.

    Here are five top tips on how to train your dogs successfully:

    1. To avoid your dog getting confused and so that they can learn to recognize commands easily only one person should be responsible for training the dog initially. If too many people are trying to train the dog at the same time this can stop progress in its tracks.

    2. You should u...
  • What Exactly Goes In A Raw Food Diet For Dogs  By : Kari Farmer
    Giving your dog a raw food diet will take more time than feeding them kibble or canned food but in the long run it will also give you more time with them.
  • The Work That Goes Into A Raw Food Diet For Dogs  By : Kari Farmer
    Giving your dog a raw food diet will take more time than feeding them kibble or canned food but in the long run it will also give you more time with them.
  • Four Ways Remote Dog Training Collars Improve Hunting Trips  By : Gen Wright
    Training an animal to sit, stay, play dead, and roll over, are very common and simple techniques that can nevertheless be more than trying to communicate to your animal without the proper tools.
  • Tips on Stopping Your Dogs Problem Barking  By : Sharie Miller
    Understanding and dealing with your dogs problem barking
  • A New (Adopted) Dog in The House  By : Antonio Brown
    There are many ways to get a new dog for your family or yourself. But, have you considered adoption? Check this article out
  • Dog Training  By : Alex De Mostafa
    Don't Waste Time, Train Your Dog Today...
    Completely Transform Your Dog's Behavior with Easy, Fast, and Effective Training Techniques that Get Rid of Bad Habits and Stop Obedience Problems In Their Tracks...
  • When to Stop Your Dog's Diet  By : sharon tribelsky
    {We have all done it. Our cute, little furry friend is practically smiling at us from beneath the kitchen table. The ears are perked and therefore the tail is wagging. We have a tendency to recognize what our dog is after. Solely a {
  • Joint Re-Leaf: A Natural Treatment Option for osteoarthritis in Dogs.  By : Scott Van Etten
    Osteoarthritis is a painful condition that affects the lives of dogs in much the same way as in humans. With a simple treatment regiment consisting of proper supplements, your dog will experience less joint discomfort and have a better quality of life.
  • Did The Dog Food Commercial Get You Too?  By : Kari Farmer
    As a dog owner, it is only natural that we all want the best for our best friend. You may have seen some of the recent dog food recalls that occurred after many dogs became seriously ill (many died) after eating certain commercial dog foods. Why?
  • Training dogs: How to Make Them Smart!  By : christina gruble
    Training dogs is never an easy task. Some even believe that training a living thing below the intellect of man is an ingenious talent. Fortunately, you do not have to possess extraordinary powers in order to understand the
  • Walking Your Dog - An Activity with Multiple Benefits  By : JT Navary
    Beyond the basic requirements of food, water and shelter, a dog needs social dealings, positive attention from his owner, exercise and mental stimulation. Many of these attendant needs can be met by merely taking your dog for a walk. Walking your dog every day gives him the attention from you that he needs. Perhaps more than anything else, our pets simply want our companionship. Even when you remain at home throughout the day, a lot of your time is spent doing household tasks instead of interacting with your family pooch.
  • Stop Dog Biting - If You Donít You Could Lose Your Dog and Your Shirt  By : Kevin Phillips
    Learn how to stop your dog from biting. It is critical for you and your dog to stop his biting before anyone gets hurt.
  • Acupuncture can be effective in treating canine joint disease  By :
    Arthritis and hip dysplasia are some of the the most common conditions that adversely affect our old dogs. Itís a shame to think that their twilight years may be marred by pain and difficulty getting up and about.
  • Synflex Glucosamine for Dog Arthritis  By : Steve Weber
    Syn-flex glucosamine is a viable and inexpensive alternative to many of the dangerous prescriptions products available for treating canine arthritis disease. Also, there are no bad side effects with Synflex.
  • Stop Your Dog From Barking - No Need For You or Your Friends and Neighbors to Flip a Gasket - it's Fixable  By : Kevin Phillips
    Learn what is causing your dog to bark and what you can do to prevent it. The last thing dog owners want is to have to get rid of their dog because of a simple problem like barking.
  • Handling You Aggressive Dog  By : Sharie Miller
    Dog Training tips for the aggressive dog.
  • How to Find Dog Food Coupons Online  By : Larry Don
    When money gets tight, one thing people do not like to give up are their dogs. After all, dog is mans (and womans) best friend! No one ever wants to make their dog go without. However, providing for your dogs needs does not need to be expensive. Imag
  • Learn When It Is Time To Stop Your Dog's Diet  By : Karina Knapp
    There are times when you should stop your dog's diet immediately. Although these situations occur rarely, it is important to know when and how to cease your dog's diet.
  • What Happens During An Examination For Your Dog?  By : Karina Knapp
    This question often looks therefore easy but holds more meanings in that. Throughout the examination of your dog, 1st you would like to prepare the dog 1st psychologically for a best-restrained status. For this, you want to go on a leash plus place the dog on table by the careful delivery of acceptable command.
  • Buy Heartgard Plus for Dogs - The Sure Solution  By : Max Luke
    Whether your dog is a pampered pooch or if you think your dog is really healthy and strong, the fact of the matter is that every dog is at risk for getting heartworm disease, which is a potentially deadly condition. Hence, it becomes all the more necessary to safeguard your pet from attracting this fatal disease and this can be achieved by giving your pet the Heartgard plus.
  • A Dog's Diet Influences Oral Health  By : Kathy Knapp
    Your dog is your terribly best friend. Each single time you walk through the door your dog is therefore happy to detect you which he wags his tail plus practically smiles at you. How may you show your pet how miles they mean to you? Well, one method is to take care of that smile for your pet. Did you are aware that your dog's diet can influence their oral health?
  • Avoid Table Scraps in Your Dog's Diet  By : Kathy Knapp
    We tend to have every one done it. Our cute, very little furry friend is practically smiling at us from beneath the kitchen table. The ears are perked and the final tail is wagging. We be acquainted with what our dog is after. Simply a tiny tidbit from dinner would be delightful, right? What can it hurt? It looks simply a bite or two when all.
  • Edges of Fiber in Your Dog's Diet  By : Kathy Knapp
    We have a tendency to be familiar with the advantages of fiber in our own diet, but is their any edges of fiber in an exceedingly dog's diet? Fiber was think about filler plus bulk in year's past, but nowadays, the nutritional worth of fiber during the dog's diet is finally realized.
  • Will Your Dog's Diet Have to Include Supplements?  By : Kathy Knapp
    A healthy, balanced diet is important for a long and happy life together with your pet. How did you know if your dog's diet wants supplements? What kinds of supplements must you add to your dog's diet?
  • Your Vet: The Excellent Resource to Educate You About Your Dog's Diet  By : Kathy Knapp
    Whether you have got recently been blessed with a hot puppy in your home, or you're a seasoned dog handler, it is smart to communicate along with a veterinarian regarding the ideal diet for your dog. With so numerous concepts, diet plans, plus dog food varieties on the market, how do you know where to get started?
  • Activities to Keep Your Dog Busy  By :
    Dogs are social, active creatures that like people need attention, activity, structure and in many cases a job! Without daily interaction with your dog trouble will ensue! Bored and neglected dogs get frustrated which can manifest itself in a variety of ways to include acting out with behavior problems by being destructive in the home, not to mention health issues such as being over weight and depressed.
  • Guidelines to Choose a Healthy Dog Diet for Your Pet  By : Pam Nicknadarvich
    Choosing a healthy dog diet can be puzzling and complicated if you let it. The attractive packaging and marketing can blur our perception of a product.
  • Dog Arthritis Help  By : Steve Weber
    Dog arthritis can be helped with all natural liquid glucosamine.
  • Dog Arthritis Medicine  By : Steve Weber
    Dog arthritis is a serious problem which many old dogs suffer from. There are natural remedies dog owners can use which eases the pain.
  • Why Dogs Should Never Eat Chocolate  By : Ward Johnson
    Is it true that dogs shouldnt eat chocolate? Absolutely. Read on to learn the very real dangers of feeding chocolate to your dog.
  • Feeding Your Pet One Meal-A-Day Keeps the Vet Away  By : Ward Johnson
    What is the best way to feed your pet? Many pet owners think pets eat just like people, when their bodies work differently. Learn how to feed your pet properly so it will grow happy and healthy.
    The Deerhound is one of the most decorative of dogs, impressively stately and picturesque wherever he is seen, whether it be amid the surroundings of the baronial hall, reclining at luxurious length before the open hearth in the fitful light of the log fire that flickers on polished armour and tarnished tapestry; out in the open, straining at the leash as he scents the dewy air, or gracefully bounding over the purple of his native hills. Grace and majesty are in his every movement and attitude..
  • THE FOXHOUND DOG  By : Fly Pen
    Foxhounds were the very first of the canine races in Great Britain to come under the domination of scientific breeding. There had been hounds of more ancient origin, such as the Southern Hound and the Bloodhound; but something different was wanted towards the end of the seventeenth century to hunt the wild deer that had become somewhat scattered after Cromwell's civil war. The demand was consequently for a quicker hound than those hitherto known, and people devoted to the chase began to ...
    The Poodle is commonly acknowledged to be the most wisely intelligent of all members of the canine race. There is a general belief that he is a fop, whose time is largely occupied in personal embellishment, and that he requires a great deal of individual attention in the matter of his toilet. It may be true that to keep him in exhibition order and perfect cleanliness his owner has need to devote more consideration to him than is necessary in the case of many breeds; but in other respects he ...
  • THE COLLIE DOG  By : Fly Pen
    The Collie dog makes an excellent sporting dog, and can be taught to do the work of the Pointer and the Setter, as well as that of the Water Spaniel and the Retriever. He can be trained to perform the duties of other breeds. He is clever at hunting, having an excellent nose, is a good vermin-killer, and a most faithful watch, guard, and companion...
    The dogs which take their name from the island of Newfoundland appeal to all lovers of animals.There are now two established varieties, the black and the white and black. There are also bronze-coloured dogs, but they are rare. The black variety of the Newfoundland is essentially black in colour; but this does not mean that there may be no other colour, for most black Newfoundlands have some white marks...
    There is no incongruity in the idea that in the very earliest period of man's habitation of this world he made a friend and companion of some sort of aboriginal representative of our modern dog, and that in return for its aid in protecting him from wilder animals, and in guarding his sheep and goats, he gave it a share of his food, a corner in his dwelling, and grew to trust it and care for it. Probably the animal was originally little else than an unusually gentle jackal, or an ailing wolf ...



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