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  • Marie Antoinette Earrings  By : Valentine Gifts
    There’s no more fascinating subject in history than the doomed French Queen Marie Antoinette. Much maligned by history (she never said “Let them eat cake,” in response to the people’s need for bread), she was an unwilling part of the one of the greatest revolutions in history. And met an untimely end at the guillotine in 1793. While she loved jewelry, and possessed many magnificent jewels, she often preferred simple muslin gowns and very little jewelry. Many of the portraits of her by ....
  • Marie Louis Diadem  By : Valentine Gifts
    There were a few benefits to marrying the Emperor Napoleon, if you loved jewelry, that is! The Marie-Louise diadem, now part of the Smithsonian Collection, was a wedding gift from Napoleon I to his second wife, Empress Marie-Louise in 1810. The diadem was originally part of a set that also included a necklace, comb, belt buckle, and earrings, all made of emeralds and diamonds set in silver and gold. They were all made by French Jeweler Etienne Nitot et Fils of Paris.
  • Blue Heart Diamond  By : Valentine Gifts
    There is a spectacular diamond in the Smithsonian Collection called the Blue Heart Diamond. Fans of the movie Titanic might think the “Heart of the Ocean Diamond” was based on this stone, and it may have been! However, this diamond hasn’t been cast in the ocean, but is safe and sound at the Smithsonian!

    It has also been called the Eugenie Blue Diamond, although it’s uncertain that the Empress Eugenie ever owned this particular stone. It was cut in Paris between 1909 and 1910, but the ....
  • Napoleon Diamond Necklace  By : Valentine Gifts
    One of the most spectacular all-diamond pieces of jewelry in the Smithsonian Insitution is the Napoleon necklace. Thought to have originally been owned by Catherine the Great of Russia, it was presented by the Emperor Napoleon of France to his second wife, Marie-Louise of Austria on the birth of their son in 1811. The silver and gold set necklace contains172 diamonds weighing 275 carats - 28 oval and cushion-cut diamonds, dangling 19 briolette-cut oval and pear shaped diamonds and accented by...
  • Hope Diamond  By : Valentine Gifts
    Is there anyone who hasn’t at least heard of the famous Hope Diamond? Many people are surprised when they first learn that this famous stone isn’t a clear diamond, but instead is a brilliant blue stone, surrounded by white diamonds and suspended from a diamond necklace.

    It first appears in history in the mid 1600s when it was purchased by a merchant named Jean Baptiste Tavernier, who sold the stone to Louis XIV of France. At that time it was a 112-carat stone, described as having a ....
  • Smithsonian Collection  By : Valentine Gifts
    Some of the world’s most spectacular diamonds and other gems are located in the National Gem Collection in the Museum of Natural History in Smithsonian Collection in Washington, D.C. In the collection are diamonds known to almost everyone, such as the Hope Diamond, as well as other large diamonds and other precious gems and jewelry.

    In the National Gem Collection are examples of spectacular minerals and crystals, as well gemstones and jewelry. You can see a beautiful purple quartz amethyst..
  • Royalty diamonds  By : Valentine Gifts
    When did diamonds first become recognized as precious stones and used for jewelry? The earliest reference to them has been found in a Sanskrit document dated around 300 BCE. They were associated with the gods and were used to decorate religious icons and statues. In India, only kings, the highest caste, were allowed to own them.

    Although diamonds were traded east and west of India, they were still prized in their natural crystal state, or polished to increase the shine and luster of them....
  • Care of diamonds  By : Valentine Gifts
    Diamonds are durable and strong, but should be cared for as though they were fine breakable china or more fragile gems. They can chip or scratch if you’re not careful, and they can get quite dirty with oils from your skin and cosmetics, hair sprays or perfumes.

    There are several ways to clean and store your diamonds. You can clean a diamond pretty quickly with a commercial jewelry cleaner that you either dip your jewelry in or soak them in a tub that gives it an ultrasound bath. Cold ....
  • How to make certain if diamond engagement rings are real  By : Vierre Gall
    Diamond engagement rings involve huge spending of your salary and savings. Some jewelers will attempt to sell you artificial Moissanite diamonds as real ones. A disadvantage whereas shopping for the rings comes when avoiding Cubic Zirconia pretend diamonds. For real diamond engagement rings, produce positive that you simply read the diamond against the white background that will expose any yellow color.
  • Eternal and Well-designed - The asscher cut diamond engagement rings  By : black diamond
    In 2001, this diamond cut had a re-embark on, later than greatly of investigate and means brought it give your backing to to the public with transformed specifications and further facets. The revitalization of the Asscher cut has ended this one of the most significantly demanded diamond involve.
  • Things You Ought to Be on familiar terms with Encompassing Asscher Cut diamond Engagement Rings  By : black diamond
    It was Asscher's prefer to take full advantage of the emerging Art Deco flair by creating a directly-line, geometric form cut ddiamond. Asscher's thoughts was consequently winning; it became the inspiration designed for the emerald cut a a small amount of years next. These ddiamonds are characterized by extensive pace-cut facets, a wide pavilion, high topmost and uniquely small sketch. The superlative fraction of height to width is one to one, making each engagement rings remarkably balanced.
  • asscher cut diamond engagement rings - A Patented Propose  By : black diamond
    The utmost celebrated Asscher cut diamond is the Cullinan diamond. This diamond is subsequently dramatic including glory that the English Royal Folks through it issue of the Top Jewels this past century.
  • No stuff what's Consequently Special Around asscher cut diamond engagement rings ?  By : black diamond
    Nevertheless, if a unambiguous diamond has been cut apparently, the lighting will after that easy right of entry and all over again run away through the bottom making the granite show listless. A good cut is that which enables the journey of illumination commencing the zenith, allow it to cogitate and exit again beginning the crest of the sandstone. This class of a cut gives the stone adequate twinkle and makes it appearance extremely lively. One such cut is the Asscher cut that is applied on a rectangular shaped limestone and is accountable meant for the bright flash that such diamonds have.
  • What Are asscher cut diamond engagement rings?  By : black diamond
    There are manifold sundry cuts designed for diamonds. Some of the additional popular are on all sides of, princess, oval, and emerald cuts. The asscher cut was actually shaped inside 1902 by brothers who lived inside Holland. The asscher cut have an result on is physically moderately love an octagon. It is necessarily a parallelogram that has extremely trimmed corners. Jewelers may as well refer to this for the part that a modified cushion cut diamond. In the stones cut there are many mottled stepladder hence that there is in the flesh a return result inside the sandstone itself. It is these cuts that actually consent to the limestone to have extensively other dimension at what time you look at it.
  • asscher cut diamond engagement rings Used for The Prince You Akin to  By : black diamond
    It's the cut of the diamond that adds to its utter magnificence and splendor. There exist various varieties of diamond depending on its cut. There are asscher cut diamond engagement rings, which are greater than ever contained by reputation lately, specially designed for being flaunted by the Hollywood stars and movie star brethren. The request of the asscher cut diamond engagement rings is relatively similar to that of the Emerald cut diamonds counting the divergence being contained by their respective shapes.
  • Whatever To Ensure When Purchasing Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings  By : black diamond
    There are numerous wide-ranging cuts used for diamonds. Some of the other best part are around, princess, oval, and emerald cuts. In 1902, the Asscher cut was fashioned by brothers who lived in Holland. The Asscher cut impinge on is actually fairly akin to an octagon. Extremely it is a quadrangle including extremely trimmed corners. Some jewelers may also refer to this because a modified cushion cut diamond. Surrounded by the stones cut there are multiple varied stepladder hence that there is bodily a reproduce outcome contained by the limestone itself. The multi-dimensional air of the sandstone is what on earth is achieved by these mixed cuts.
  • Asscher Cut diamond Engagement Rings Designed for The Prince You Akin to  By : black diamond
    No splendor diamond studded unique engagement rings or wedding ceremony rings looks not merely beautiful other than have everything that to establish you tang conceited because well on your big day. On or after a single limestone studded diamond rings such as the solitaire diamond rings to cluster of diamonds shaped to replicate brilliant grandeur they order the choicest award meant for any woman, within fact, any occurrence; a blind rule of thumb, woman until the end of time same to diamonds. Craftsmen and diamond smiths nowadays work together with their proficient skill and contemporary technology to establish brilliant cut diamonds to establish the finest of jewelry.
  • Asscher Cut diamond Engagement Rings Can Be Amusing Designed for Each one  By : black diamond
    Asscher cut diamond engagement rings are tremendously identical to emerald cut ones. The barely diversity stuck between the two is that emerald cut diamonds tend to be rectangular, even if asscher cut ones are quadrangle. Above and beyond that, the same elegance and way is old in the diamonds themselves.
  • Whatever Is The Sane Price For A Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings ?  By : black diamond
    According to reported usual, an engagement ring charge everywhere commencing $3,000-$4,500, but you can immobile good deal one for a a small quantity of hundred dollars, or a hardly any million dollars depending on your financial statement.
  • Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Evaluation & Show  By : black diamond
    You have a selection plus an Asscher ring contained by that you can chose either a vintage engagement ring or a present-day one. The vintage rings were ready later than 1902 what time Joseph Asscher at first patented his 58 surface cut. The contemporary rings are based on the unproved 74 surface Royal Asscher cut.
    These rings are extensively put surrounded by a spike environment. The guide and bezel settings would ruin the upshot of the cut by blocking out too appreciably lights. A carrying great weight number of these rings have a pave conditions as it complements the magnificence of this cut.
  • Black Diamond Studs - Where do Black Diamonds Come From?  By : Gary DeWitt
    The look of excitment on Marie's face when she saw the black diamond studs that BJ had given her was priceless. "What kind of stones are they?" Marie Asked. "Black diamonds" replied BJ. "I've never seen black diamonds before. They are beautiful". Marie was curios about what black diamonds really were.
  • Vintage Engagement Rings Reward Of Choosing Vintage Engagement Rings  By : black diamond
    Vintage engagement rings are idyllic for individuals that akin to things that are old and antique. They be able to either be authentic antique rings or rings that were considered to manifestation second-hand, other than they cannot appearance further or current. There are various kinds of vintage engagement rings and here are 3 of the maximum trendy types.
  • Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings For The Prince You Enjoy  By : black diamond
    It’s the cut of the diamond that adds to its sheer wonder and beauty. There exist several varieties of diamond depending on its cut. There are asscher cut diamond engagement rings, which are ever-increasing in esteem lately, especially for being flaunted by the Hollywood stars and celebrity brethren. The appeal of the asscher cut diamond engagement rings is pretty parallel to that of the Emerald cut diamonds with the distinction being in their respective shapes.
  • Want a 2 carat Diamond Engagement Rings  By : black diamond
    2 carat Diamond Engagement Rings Common Solitaire Settings -

    Standard solitaire settings for eternity build beautiful 2 carat Diamond Engagement Rings. There are numerous variations to wish from, together with the Six-Prong and Four-Prong Solitaire Setting, The Bezel Setting, House of worship Solitaire Setting, Minster Basket Setting, Knife Edge Setting, and Trellis Settings, to name a few.

    2 carat Diamond Engagement Rings Three Sandstone Settings -
  • Does DeBeers have a loan from you money?  By : black diamond
    The have a rest will set out to diamond dealers and diamond retailers who bought and sold diamonds at that time. Oh, and lest we forget, long preceding any of us see any of that money, the LAWYERS ought to get hold of their due. Barely in covering you were commencing to become conscious that your proportion valor be exceedingly small, you ought to as well be familiar with that if your share is to be a smaller amount than $10, then you will not receive anything, because the administrative reimbursement will be as well high.
  • Lawsuit sSettlement Calls For Diamond Repayment  By : black diamond
    The kind activity lawsuit charged DeBeers was in results a monopoly, incorrectly background the substance of diamonds and misleading the public. Insiders read out that for years, the inflated import of DeBeers' stones were effortlessly passed along to consumers, who were charged in excess of than the diamonds were worth.
  • Cubic Zirconia  By : Fashion Jewelry
    Cubic Zirconia also known as CZ or CZ diamonds was created as affordable alternative for genuine diamonds. It is the most prominent choice among all fake diamonds. They come in every color imaginable at a fraction of the cost of other precious gemstones.
  • Diamond Solitaire Ring  By : akhil
    A diamond solitaire ring is a ring with only one diamond and nothing else to
    distract the attention from that magnificent solitaire stone. A solitaire
    ring loves to seek attention by its wearer, and not crowded by its
    competitors as, a solitaire enjoys standing all by itself well grounded in
    the ring and boosting its beauty to its wearer. Solitaire diamond represents
    ultimate in jewelry, so the size of a solitaire has to big to stand and jut
    out from others.
  • Diamond Promise Ring – An oath of adherence  By : akhil
    Diamond promise ring is a promise to love, cherish and commitment for ever.
    It is given before an engagement date as a promise to be married at a later
    future date, without breaking the rule of promise while accepting the
    diamond promise ring.
  • Diamonds – Are They Real or Fake?  By : Joy McDougle
    Diamonds are costly treasures. The majority of people in the market for one are looking for a good stone that is still a bargain. These days’ shoppers often look to online auctions, estate sales, and online jewelers. For the most part all these options are honest businesses, but we still might worry about the diamond’s authenticity.
  • Diamond Engagement Rings  By : akhil
    The concept of Engagement has evolved way back many centuries ago which indicates the longer period between a mutual promise of marriage till the actual marriage, where the partners exchange a diamond engagement ring and the same is worn by women on her left-hand ring finger, indicating her engagement to be married which signifies her acceptance of the marriage proposal and a commitment to a future together, hence the same moulds into a formal agreement between two partners.



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