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Feng Shui Bazi (八字) Analysis

From the day you were born, your life chart had been plotted and it will be your destiny of fate which is said as Heavenly Luck.

Bazi is a decoder where it is defined by these factors - Birth date & Time (Four Pillars), 2 Characters in each Pillar, 4 Pillars refers to Year, Month, Day & Time Pillars. This is what we called as the Four Pillars (Bazi). Equip with these info, your destiny of life is been decoded using the formula of Paht Chee or 4 Pillars of Destiny for fate. This is defined by your destiny which cannot be changed but you can know your favorable Qi energy as well as the unfavorable Qi to improve your personal life. You can have an indepth analysis of the prevailing Qi energy for the moment of your birth and the right guidance will change your life.

According to the Yin & Yang concept of the 5 elements, Bazi will be able to determine your personality traits as well as the good or bad qualities level. Access of this info allow you to determine how smart, caring, relationship with others, wealth in possession and many more other stuff. With the data of each character formations and interactions, you will be able to determine your strength and weakness internally & externally for health inclinations.

What does the 4 Pillars of Destiny determine? It helps to read about your destiny of life path and determine the areas of wealth luck, career analysis, relationship & health. For wealth luck, it will analyze how you can improve your wealth and money. Whether or not you will face with wealth losses in the ten years cycle. As for career path, it determines the type of career you should embark to make money or smooth and unobstructive career. Romance or relationship luck with Bazi will tell how compatible is your marriage and is your spouse favorable to you. It also reveals how you can improve relationship with your spouse and others. For health analysis, it can warn you about the types of diseases that you are vulnerable and what you should be cautious when comes to your health issues.

Interactions of the 10 years luck cycle is analyzed using the Bazi chart plotting. 2 pairs of the Chinese characters in each ten years cycle and you can see how the elements will affect the main chart. You can understand the interactions of the energy flows and the types of incidents may happen during the predictions being analyzed. The analysis is based on checking the Monthly, Daily cycle as a guide rules. The logic of Bazi is to help and guide you with some important decision making at critical moments and avert unwanted disasters along the way in your life. Your life path will be decoded to know which are the good periods where you can pursuit your likings while the bad periods where you will face obstacles, you should be lying low and abstain from such participation in risks.

Read more and analyze your personal Bazi today!

Travel - Skiing Holidays

 Great Aspen Resort Ski Vacations

When you think of all the ski resorts in the world one of them stands out inyour mind. Aspen offers a variety of ski areas for all levels and it covers 4,500 acres or more spread over four mountains. This resort is known for itsnightlife because of the downtown area and the quieter Snowmass resort area has something to offer everyone.

Aspen provides all the restaurants and bars you could ever want or need You can take a stroll through this luxurious city and find many boutiques and much more. There is a lot of history in many of the buildings that are in the downtown area. One of these buildings is the Ute bank; this building can be dated back to the silver area around the 1800’s.

With everything that there is to do in Aspen you shouldn’t find yourself getting bored. Aspen is located in Colorado, and with the various mountain ranges, you are sure to find slopes that are suitable for your level. Snowmass is one of the most popular resorts in the world, so be sure to make reservations well in advance.

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Digital SLR Lenses

Hobbyist or professional photographers should have the benefits of purchasing best discount price deals for digital SLR cameras where the best brands in local markets as well as internationally. It is one of the most common brands of digital SLR cameras and with great selection of lenses, camera bags & accessories that comes with special lowest prices.

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Thai Amulets Renting

 Thai amulet blessing

Understanding of Thai amulet

When someone talks about Thai amulets, it comes in mind that Thailand will be the source of renting amulet for blessing in health and wealth. It has been many generations in history that the amulets made by those famous Thai monks who had chanted mantras for days that gave the power of blessing and protection against evil spirits & dangers. If you are a believer then you might have encountered some of these experiences in your lifetime. Now the question is most commonly asked, how does one makes use of the rented amulet?

The easiest way to use it will be having a string or gold chain to wear it around your neck as a pendant. This will help to protect you against any harm or injury with the power of blessing that the amulet had blessed with the sacred power. At certain period of time, the amulet is popular to be worn as a good luck charm for believers. It has been said that people are wearing these amulets as pendants to protect themselves against accidents, obstacles, diseases as well as better health. It can be seen that the Thai amulets are made with the figurine images of Buddha that are been worn around their necks. Many times we can hear people who worn them had experiences of overcoming obstacles in business or career as well as avoiding serious accidents or injuries. It has the power of repelling bad luck and evil spirits that may be surrounding the house or work place. It is known that Thai amulets are being rented to be for centuries and handed down in generations to people who believe in its power. A quick check with Thai residents, they adorn at least one amulet in their household to help them in terms of protection, health and good fortune.

There are many sources of Thai amulets in the market but the ones that are sacred were blessed by famous Thai monks with many days of chanting mantras that gave its power of supernatural. This is the belief of many Thai people about the power of god that they wear the amulets not only to seek happiness but includes warding off pain and sorrows. Many generations ago, the images of amulets were being carved on wooden or metal materials before chanting by Thai monks. These amulets were being made of many different sources of ingredients like Din, Chin, Phong, Herb and many other ingredients. Up till today, it is popular with collectors who are willing to pay a higher price to rent amulets made by famous Thai monks who had passed away. Many people who had been down with bad luck, are the likely ones to rent amulets to help overcoming their obstacles by changing bad lucks into good fortune. It is the desire of having good intention when they rent the amulets that helped them to fulfill their wishes and desires but not the ill intention of using amulets.

Many centuries ago, people had encountered or heard of strange happenings even up till today, many inhabitants in Thailand still believe in ghosts and had encountered such experiences as claims of sighting these encounters. From those ghost stories or movies that have many varieties of comical to gruesome, are popular among many people. In view of this phenomenon, we can witness that it is not only restricted ti rural villages but also university students and people from all walks of life. These encounters are not restricted among the people of Thailand but as well as other parts of the world. This is particularly strong in Northern Thailand where people take it very seriously.

A simple visit to Thailand, you will likely to witness many Thai people are wearing amulets to protect themselves against evil spirits or dangers. You will also find around those Thai houses that have the Spirit Houses known as San Phra Phum. These Thai people believe these ghosts are needed to be feared as each poses a different threats to them. Like the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry as you will never know what can happen without the protection. That is the main reason for Thai people to rent amulet and wearing them as good luck charms. These amulets are being used not only for protection against evil spirits but against other people who have evil intention. An example will be soldiers rent these amulets to increase their lucks and protect their lives. It was also said that monks had made amulets that were solely meant for soldiers to fights in battles for protection.

Read more about Thai amulet blessing from the source below:

Renting Authentic Thai Amulets for business, career & relationship

Resource Box Info:
Thai Amulet Blessing for health and wealth in life.

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Your Dream Hobby

 How to make a Heart Aerial Ball for Valentines

This is the cutest Valentines gift for any car enthusiast - a Love Heart aerial ball. The heart has one of cupid's arrows going straight through it, to signify that it is love struck.

Aerial balls simply push onto the end of your car aerial personalising your car and making it much easier to find in that crowded car park.

To make the Heart Aerial Ball you will need...

Polystyrene Heart (You can find these in your local craft shop)
Some red and black enamel paints
Bamboo skewers
A black foam sheet and some clear drying glue for external use.

First push a bamboo skewer into the heart and the pointed part of the heart. This makes a great handle so that you can give the heart a couple of coats of red paint. Between coats you can stand the heart on its skewer in a glass.

You also need to give another skewer a couple of coats of black paint. You only need to paint half of the skewer, so again between coats you can stand it in a glass to dry.

Using the black foam sheet cut out 2 arrowheads and two arrow feathers.

Take the black skewer and cut of the unpainted surplus, and cut the remaining painted part in half. Stick the arrowheads to one of the sticks. Glue the arrowheads together with the end of the stick sandwiched in between making sure that the stick is well in and almost to the tip of the arrowhead. In a similar way, glue the arrow feathers to the end of the other part of skewer. Pegs make great clamps to hold everything in place whilst it sticks. Leave to one side to dry.

Use a new bamboo skewer to make a hole for the arrowhead part of the arrow to go. Push the arrow in and see how it looks and trim the skewer if it is too long. When you are happy, add some glue tot he hole and push the arrow into place.

Now make a hole for the feathers part of the arrow. Make sure that this part of the arrow lines up with the arrowhead otherwise you arrow will look bent. Again trim if necessary and glue into place.

Once the glue is dry it is ready for the car aerial! Wiggle the handle skewer that is in the point of the heart until the hole in the heat is about the same width as the aerial that it will be pushed on to. Then simply push the heart into place.

You could also try sticking wobbly eyes on your heart and adding a big smile with a black permanent pen.
It looks fantastic and no one will have an aerial topper like yours, unless they have visited the Perfect Valentines website.

Selecting the best hobby like collecting Thai amulets that benefits your health and well-being ...

Resource Box Info:
For More valentines craft ideas Visit, Need ideas for a Date to remember?

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Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds are measured in Carat Weight. One carat weighs 200 milligrams. If a diamond is referred to as four grains, this also means that it is a one carat diamond. The word Carat comes from the word carob. A carob is a bean that grows on a tree in the Mediterranean. In times past, if a diamond weighed the same as a carob bean, it was one carob, or one carat.

However, in the far east, where Carob trees do not grow, rice was used to measure the weight of a diamond. If a diamond weighed as much as four grains of rice, it was four grains - or one carat as we know it to be now. The majority of diamond purchases are for diamonds that are 1/3 of a carat.

Now you can buy diamonds at discount prices as it is just a click away ... Diamond is a girl's best friend!
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