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Travel - Skiing Holidays

 Scintillating Southern Ski Slopes

Skiing in New Zealand is comparable to the best in the world. On a sunny winter day, when the many the peaks scattered across the North and South Islands are covered in fresh powder snow, the mountain landscapes are truly stunning. The South Island does have significantly more ski fields than the North Island.

New Zealand’s southern hemisphere location offers the ideal opportunity for northern hemisphere skiers to ski in their off-season. There is an opportunity to ski varied terrain at many different fields, with both commercial ski resorts and private club fields to choose from.

Skiing typically starts in June and the ski resorts and club fields usually close around September. This is obviously subject to snowfall and how much base has accumulated over the winter. The North Island resorts of Whakapapa and Turoa, located on the active volcano Mount Ruapehu, do sometimes extend the season. These 2 ski fields have been known to stay open as late Christmas which happens to be the middle of summer in New Zealand!

Skiing in New Zealand is a recreational sport or professional activity anyone can enjoy. Most mountains have beginner to expert terrain so skiers of all levels can be sure their needs are met. Hiring equipment is easily done, lift passes to the mountains can be bought on the day and all ski field companies accept major credit cards, eftpos or cash payments. The more adventurous and experienced skier can rent a helicopter and try heli-skiing! This is particularly popular and famous in the South Island town of Queenstown.


New Zealand ski resorts certainly offer the best and most accessible skiing in the Southern Hemisphere. The mix of commercial and club fields cater for beginners, right up to extreme expert. This ensures that skiers at all levels can access the types of trails and terrain that most suits their abilties.

All commercial ski fields in New Zealand have extensive ski lifts; great all-level runs from beginner to expert ski terrain, cafes, car parking, ski hire rentals, first aid support, business services, and accommodation close by.

South Island Ski Resorts:

Mt Hutt in Canterbury: main services and accommodation options are located in Methven. Mt Hutt is the closest commercial ski-field to Christchurch, being only one and a half hours drive away, and is known for its wide-open bowls and good snow fall. It is popular for all the right reasons and before you come you need to book your holiday accommodation.

Coronet Peak, and The Remarkables: services and accommodation are located in Queenstown and the surrounding lakes area. Both ski-fields are fun and the terrain is varied and family friendly. These two ski resorts are located only 20 minutes away, where as Cardrona and Snow Park are a one-hour drive away.

Cardrona & Snow Park: are only a one hour drive away from Queenstown or only 20 minutes from Wanaka. Snow Park is perfect for snow-boarding, practicing tricks, your pipe skills and jumps. Cardrona is the best field for families and less aggressive skiers, and is regarded as one of the most professional ski operations in New Zealand.

Treble Cone of Wanaka: is located 30 minutes from Wanaka and has some of the best and largest skiable terrain in the South Island. A mountain more suited for intermediate to expert skiers.

North Island Ski Resorts

Turoa & Whakapapa: are both located on Mount Ruapehu. These are the only two commercial ski fields in the North Island and on a good day the skiing here is as good as it gets in New Zealand. The views from near the top of the volcano over the North and out towards the South Islands are phenomenal. Visitor accommodation is available in Ohakune, or The National Park, and both ski areas are easily accessed from either of these ski villages.


South Island has all the best club ski fields, as follows;


Located in the heart of the Southern Alps, Craigieburn attracts the best club skiers around due to its challenging terrain, wide-open powder bowls, and steep narrow chutes. At the end of an epic day it is recommended to relax at the lodge and have a hot or cold drink. Points to note: rope tows only, small canteen/food on the field, accommodation on the mountain, native forest on the field, and affordable skiing.

Porter Heights:

Also located on the Craigieburn Range of the Southern Alps at an elevation of 2000 metres above sea level. The position allows snow to fall from both southerly and westerly weather patterns, providing some of the best snow conditions for skiers and boarders. Points to note: closest ski area to Christchurch city, ideal for all levels and family friendly, varied facilities and lifts, and easy road access.

Temple Basin:

Located only 4 kilometres west of Arthur's Pass in the middle of one of most spectacular National Parks. With mixed terrain to suit all skiers, some of the best snowfalls and consistently the most reliable amounts of snow out of the Canterbury region ski fields. Points to note: limited facilities, on-field accommodation, 40-60 minute walk to ski slopes, lots of intermediate terrain, never crowded, 4 rope tows, cheap skiing and boarding.

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Resource Box Info:
Campbell Bevan is managing director of Amazing Accommodation, a real-time online portal specialising in New Zealand luxury accommodation. Many of the ski fields listed are located close to readily available New Zealand holiday homes for rent, listed on site. Email: and Phone: 04 479 5579 - Mobile: 021 550 775

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Canon PowerShot A1400 16.0 MP Digital Camera

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Thai Amulets Renting

 Thai Amulets Rental Concept

Are you a believer of Thai Buddha Amulets? If you are not a believer then you are likely to be skeptical about renting an amulet. It is understandable for anyone who are still skeptical about Thai amulets and what it can do for you. For those who are a believer of Thai amulet will know the effect of what it can help for them in long terms. The benefits of believers that rent Thai amulet gains the protection and blessing of wealth, career, business & relationship in their lives. You may not be the one believing in it but many who had possessed their personal amulets are living in a healthy lifestyle with their families.

The advantage of renting your personal amulet is that it will bless you with career, business, relationship and health as well as protection against evil spirits and accidents. There were many stories being told about people who are wearing these amulets had helped them averted dangers and accidents. There are also others who had benefited in terms of wealth and good fortune. So, how does one rents an amulet? It is believed that each amulet is attracted by fate to the person that will rent it. If you are not the right person or it is not the right time then it will likely that you will not even view it. There are time when people are desperate in their lives where they are in need of help then the amulet appears in their lives. So, it is the fate of a person where the amulet will be rented. In possession of the Thai amulet, you need to do daily prayers of mantra chanting to help you overcoming all obstacles and dangers in your life. It will help to pave your way of life so that you will journey through your career or busines without difficulties and creating the right environment for relationship between friends, colleagues, partners, etc. In the possession of the amulet, it will guide you the right path of your life. You will need to know that you should never curse or swear when you possess the amulet. Having ill thought or bad intention will render it powerless to help you. So do bear in mind that you need to do go and help people around you and it will help you in return.

Are you ready to be the owner of your fated Thai amulet?

If you sense your readiness then you will need to visit Thai Buddha Amulets to seek out the one that is meant for you. You will know the right one when you see it online. Remember that it will attract you and you will gain the advantage in life for blessing of wealth, health, fortune and relationship.

Renting Authentic Thai Amulets for business, career & relationship

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Renting of Thai Buddha Amulets For Blessing Of Wealth, Health & Relationship
Receive your fated Thai amulet that changes your destiny of life

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Your Dream Hobby

 Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is fast approaching and as the anxiety grows in everyone associated with the big day, two big concerns weigh on everybody’s mind. Those are…

(1) How can we reduce the stress of this big day?
(2) How can we cut the costs?

These two questions are in conflict with each other too because in order to reduce stress, you have to increase the work that someone has to do. Sometime during the preparation time frame, the idea will come up, why don’t we let “John Jones” do our wedding pictures? John Jones may be someone’s brother who is “really good at photography” or just a friend of the family. The appeal is that they will save you a pile of money and probably do just as good a job as the expensive photographers.

While you certainly want to watch out before you turn over this important job, maybe you or someone in the wedding party can take the photos as well as a professional. After all, how many wedding nightmares have you heard about a professional photographer who either damaged the romantic nature of the ceremony by butting in too often, aggravated the guests by blotting out their view of the wedding to get an action shot or charged an arm and a leg only to deliver poor quality photos.

In truth, it is entirely possible for an “amateur” photographer to do a terrific job taking pictures at the wedding. But there are some guidelines you should follow if that job has fallen to you. If you are reading this as the bride, groom or anxious mother and you are considering using a friend for these photos, spend an hour going over these guidelines and not only will you get better pictures, your anxiety level will go down too.

1. Know your equipment inside and out. Whether you are using a run of the mill digital camera or an expensive set up that has taken you years to work up, make sure everything is in top-notch working order and that you are thoroughly familiar with every nuance of the machine. Remember Murphy’s Law. If anything can go wrong, it will. So keep Murphy out of the wedding by checking and double checking your camera and related equipment.

2. Have spares of everything possible. If there are batteries involved with the operation of the camera, have several spare sets on hand and know where they are. If the batteries go out as the bride and party are posed at the alter, you don’t want an hour delay why you run to the 7-11 to get more. The same goes for flash bulbs and even the camera itself. Have spares of everything possible so Murphy just goes to the next wedding down the road to make his mess.

3. The photo is about more than the bride and groom. If you are used to “staging” your pictures, you may not worry that often with activity in the room. After all, if everybody is posing, the environment is controlled. This will not be the case during an action shot like during the wedding or reception. So keep a keen awareness of the room, the activity around the subjects, the lighting and background props. You don’t want to produce the perfect shot of bride and groom kissing only to have Cousin Ned gagging on the cake in the background.

4. Be aware of glare from windows, lights and eyeglasses. These can sneak up on you.

As a rule, someone who is part of the event can get great shots because they know the people and can be mixing as those wonderful “little moments” occur. So it’s worth a try if you feel good about the skills of your photographer and they follow these little guidelines.

Selecting the best hobby like collecting Thai amulets that benefits your health and well-being ...

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Art of photography as a hobbyist
Sharing photographs of images through the eyes of Digital SLR camera that brings good memories in the journey of life ...

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Personal Health Care Products

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Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine
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